This is a story about a girl with a horrid background, it all goes fine but there will always be a cliffhanger in the end. ♥


6. American Hottie

They got closer and closer me and Liv ran to the sofa placing our hands on our laps. My dad sat next to me giving my hand a quick squeeze whispering into my ear "This is it munchkin they're gonna love you!" I smiled squeezing his hand back looking forward now seeing some hair I saw Harry's curly mop and Zayn's black and blonde quiff. I smiled at Harry as he waved at me winking and smiling. I chuckled winking back. They came and sat thereselfs inbetween us Harry next to me and my dad, Niall on my left next to Charlotte, Zayn next to Char and Connie, Louis next to Connie and Liv and finally Liam next to Liv and the sofa's arm. They all hugged us waving introducing thereselfs. We all nodded thinking 'Why tell us who you all are, its pretty clear we'd no otherwise why are we here to see a clown show?'


Harry looked me in the eye, his bold,brown,shiny eyes twinkled in the chandeliers light he was beuatiful obviously in the pictures he was fit but oh my he was the full thing in real life and his smile oh his smile I could sit and watch it all day. They started conversation asking us what our favourite albums were and songs from them I answered "Rock me & Take me home" Harry nodded "Good taste Rock me was my favourite to make" I smiled at him looking him up and down he was wearing a white Ralph Lauren polo shirt some blue washed out jeans that went skinny at the ankles and some converse he had good taste and looked the best out of the boys. Charlotte & Niall were getting on like a house on fire so were Connie and Zayn, Liv and Liam were getting on very well and my dad went with the manager and started talking about the set up and all that.

Harry started asking me things like if I had a boyfriend and who my friends were and things like that. He seemed unusually pleased when I told him I was single. He whispered in my ear -I want to Kiss you - I laughed nudging his shoulder. I whispered back "Oi no flirting you've got Taylor or should I say Haylor" He chuckled and started talking but quietly. We were talking like we'd known each other for years I felt comftorble with him. "Me and Taylor are drifting apart shes always touring round mainly in America" I nodded taking it all in patting his leg to be comforting. He gave me a piece of pink tissue it said on it ♥Harry♥ 07856789321♥ I smiled at him whispering "I'll text you mine" He smiled the boys all stood up grabbed there microphones and started to sing our favourite songs. I held Charlottes hand and looked at her. Harry looked me in my eyes smiling whilst singing Rock me. They sang that, Kiss you , LWWY, and little things. I felt a real connection with Harry. I liked him but did he like me?


It was concert time the boys went through a lift onto the stage. We all sang along as they sang smiling laughing looking at them. I told Charlotte about me and Harry and what he had said, she smiled telling me it was wonderful. Niall had given her his number and she'd given him his. At least he was single, My guy was taken with an american hottie.  

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