This is a story about a girl with a horrid background, it all goes fine but there will always be a cliffhanger in the end. ♥


4. Affecting Our O-zone Layer

Days had passed and I still had not worked out what to wear. I decided to go for a jog to take my mind off things. I texted Charlotte asking her if she would like to come. She tected 'Nah cbb not in2 that type of stuf soz c u l8er x ' She was so lazy honestly. Dad was at work. I bounced up the stairs playing leap frog. I flinged open my wardrobe doors taking out some three quarter pineapple jogging bottoms and a cape top and shoved them onto my cold body as I was in my nickers and bra. I grabbed my ipod shuffle and heaphones plugging them in putting them into my secure pocket and playing music. I ran downstairs and sauntered out of the door locking it putting my key into the secure pocket along with my ipod.

Jogging along I saw lots of litter I particularly hated it so I stopped picking all the wet crisp packets and chocolate wrappers putting them in the bin. How hard is it to pick up some litter and put it in the nearest bin. By dropping litter your damaging our earths o-zone layer. I saw a coke bottle one of the glass ones and picked it up. There wasn't a bin nearby so I carried it with me.My hands were very cold so I rubbed the bottle suddenly smoke started to appear out of it. This was unusual. Then all of a sudden a girl popped out it was Tulisa in a genie suit. She started talking to me " Right okay you've got three wishes init bruv c'mon make the most of it girlfriend c'mon make ya wish aint got all day do I look like a mug nah I look like a coke bottle ahh you get it? do you?" I laughed and tried to take it all in. Wow this is unusual I thought I knew straight away my first wish it was of course for an outfit for the concert. Gulping I started to talk " My first wish is I would like a pretty, floral , casual outfit, not to dressy but not to slumpy" Tulisa looked at me as if I was talking giberish but she still waved her microphone and out appeared an outfit in a brown paper bag. I looked inside. It was a blue dress that dropped well with a floral piece of ribbon around as a belt, some brown boots and some makeup&accsesories. My next wish was to be best friends with Charlotte. "Okay right that'll take like two minutes ye okay init fam."And my third wish was for my dad to be happy. "Bit deep init fam? but okay orite seeyou" And in the blink of an eye she popped back into the coke bottle.

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