I never thought this would happen.

Jennifer is 18 and was bullied from year 12 to year 16 by her ex boyfriend Damon. Bad things happened and she nearly didn't have anyone, she had one friend, her best friend who never left her side. Her name was Alicia and was bullied because she was with Jennifer. They both moved from where they lived when they were 16, now? Now they're obsessed with one direction and are going to see their consert. But there's some things that happend. Some things ehich is awesome and some which is really bad. Things they never thought would happen.


5. Zayn's Birthday



- Jennifer's P.O.V. -

I woke up and was very confused, was this a dream? Or is it reality? I looked at my phone it was the 12'th of January, OMG IT'S ZAYN'S BIRTHDAY TODAY!! Goootttaa tweet him! But first, I need to check if I really have his number, because if I have his number, all this was in real. I checked my latest texts, it was a conversation of me and Zayn, and Harry from Zayn's phone and me and Louis, okey.. so it's all real.. wow that's weird... I walked to the bathroom and put my contacts in, brushed my hair and teeth and put on some make up,  Then I put on my outfit from yesterday, Black Jeans and a green/blue Shirt. I walked out and saw Louis and Zayn sleeping on the two couches, okey NOW I know it's real. I walked to the kitchen and there was Liam.

"Goodmorning!" He said with a smile.
"Good morning! I said back. Wait... we never talked about Zayns birthday yesterday... what the hell are we going to do now?? 
"What are we going to do for Zayn today?" I asked.
"I don't know.." Liam said. I saw he was kind of confused, it's morning so I understand, the clock is 9 AM, what the heck am I doing here now? I could sleep now..
"Maybe we should like.. Ehh.. I can do breakfast for you all or smething" I said scratching my neck.

"No you shouldn't do that, you're the guest." Liam said and smiled, his smile was perfect. Then I heard a door open, It was Alicia, she came towards us and looked really tired.
"Goodmorning sunshine" I said as I always do.

"agh, morning..." She said and looked annoyed.
"Alicia we need to do something fo Zayn" I said and looked at her.
"Yeah I nearly forgot it's his birthday, but what should we do?" She asked while brushing her hair.
"If I cook some pancakes to breakfast, maybe you two can go and buy a present for him? I think he'd  be really happy for that" Liam said, we nodded.
"What do you think he want?" I asked.
"I don't know, just buy something." He said and smiled at me. I nodded and Alicia and I started to get ready, 5 minutes after we went out.
"Be careful, remember you're in the same hotel as one direction." Liam said from the kitchen
"Ofcourse we'll be careful" I said back, then we went to our room, grabbed our jackets and then left.

We walked down the city, looking in stores for the perfect present, I wanted to give him something extra. Then I passed by a watch-store, I saw a beautiful watch. I had to buy it, but I don't know if I can afford it. I only  had 3000 swedish money, (300 pounds) And This watch was pretty expensive.
"Look, isn't it beautiful?" I said to Alicia
"Yeah, come we go in and have a better look!" She said she knew I wanted to buy it.
"Excuse me, how much costs this watch?" I asked the salesman
"It's 399 punds" he said.
"Oh.."I said I knew I could afford it because my dad is rich but.. He's a cheap bastard, he know I have 300 punds and he thinks that's enough, he don't know I'm going to buy a present to Zayn, and if he knew, he wouldn't believe it.
"We buy it together!" Alicia said. I smiled big and we bought the watch, 200 pounds each.
We asked if he could wrap it and he did, it was the perfect present. 

" Thank you!" we both said
"You're welcome, have a nice day!" He said
"You too!" I said and we left back to the hotel.

Zayn's P.O.V.

My phoned called, I woke up, it was perrie. When I was going to pick up it stopped ring, I looked at the screen, 10 text messegases and 3 missed calls, 2 from Perrie and 1 from mom, I called mum.
"Hi Baby! happy birthdaayy! How are you? why didn't you answer before?"
"Mum calm down I was asleep.. but thank you.." I said tired.
"Oh.. Sorry, but I hope you'll have the best day ever? I love you so much, I need to go now but don't forget your family loves you."
"Okey mum I love you to, tell the others I love them, bye" I said and ended the conversation.
I texted all my friends who wished me happy birthday and then texted Perrie.
"Hi, why did you call twice?" 
"I don't want to mess your birthday, but I need to talk to you." She texted back. What happened now? 
I called her
"What is it?" I asked
"I'm sorry, but we need to break up, I know it's a bad timing but I didn't want it to last anymore. Sorry" she said. I was quite, a bit shocked, and sad, I mean, really? On my birthday?
"You have to do that today?"
"Goodbye, Perrie."
"Zayn I...." I ended the conversation.
"What was that all about" Louis said, he heard that something was wrong.
"Perrie broke up with me. Today. On my birthday.." I sad, nearly crying, I did love her very much.
"Oh.. I'm so sorry mate" he said trying to comfort me. I went to the bathroom and washed my face, trying not to cry, I heard Liam ask Louis what happened, and then I heard the rest of the band walking to the room and Louis told them too. I put my clothes on, I smelled pancakes. and then there was a nock on the door. Paul opened, two girls came in very happy. I saw Jennifer, her smile faded away when she saw me, she was shocked that I was that sad, I stood outside our bedroom looking at her, she was looking at me, confused, shocked and I saw that she knew that something was wrong. I went to the bedroom and sat on the bed, my head in my hands. I heard that Liam told them what happened, then I heard a knock on the wall, and a voice said
"Can I come in?" It was a girl's voice, I looked up, there was Jennifer, standing by the door and looking at me.
"sure..." I said looking down at the floor. She sat beside me in the bed, looking at me but she didn't say anything, she just watched me.
"Do you want to talk about it?" she finally asked.
"No." I said. She put her arm on my back to comfort me. I saw a shadow on the floor, I looked up and there was Harry, he looked at me and said:
"If you want, breakfast is ready"
"Yeah I'm coming" I said and walked away from Jennifer and passed by Harry, Harry stood by the door and looked at Jennifer
"Come" I heard him say to her, then I heard footsteps behind me. We all sat around the table, there was pancaces with a candle on it (birthday candle) I blew it and the light dissipeared. 
"Happy birthday Zayn" Jennifer said before everyone else
"Happy birthday" the other said too.

I sighed a little and said " Thank you." and took a pancake, it was whipped cream on it and it stood "ZAYN 20" I smiled a little and then started to eat it.


- Harry's P.O.V.  -

Tomorrow I would going to talk to Zayn about Jennifer, we both liked her, I knew he did like her. But I won't do it, not now when he's in a bad mood, he'll be in a bad mood for some days. Hopefully he feels better on the consert wich is in 2 days. I were going to say I wanted her, but I think Jennifer wants Zayn, maybe I can be her best friend instead.. Now when Zayn's single I think he gonna take her. But I want her, but I think it would be better to be friend with her... god this is complicated. It was very quite in the room. We ate and Liam and Jennifer took care of the dishes while we other watched TV, Zayn was very quite, I knew he wanted someone to talk with him but he didn't want to talk, he just wanted a shoulder to cry on, He sat on the end of the couch and we other was on the other side, there was a place for Jennifer beside Zayn. Alicia and Niall sat beside eachother, they really liked eachother.

- Liams P.O.V.  -

"You should talk to him, I think he likes you." I said to Jennifer, we were alone in the kitchen and took care of the dishes.
"He loves Perrie, why would he like me too?" She asked looking on he floor.
"He loved Perrie, I saw yesterday how he looked at you, beside I know you like him, I can see that in you eyes" I said while I was looking on a glass.

"I can try to talk to him, but what should I say?" She asked me, looking at me.
"show him you care. By the way, what did you buy him?" I asked, looking at her, I was really curious.
"I bought him a watch" she said.
"Was it expensive?" I asked.
"Maybe..." She said blushung. I smiled, I knew she wanted to give him the best present.
"How does it look like?" I asked, very curious.
"I've already wrapped it, you'll see when he opens it." she said hidning a smile.
"okey" I said. I took her arm and looked in her eyes
"Whatever it looks like, I know he'll love it" I said smiling

"Hehe thanks.." She said blushing, she blushes a lot, and she's very insecure.

"go out to him and sit beside him"  I said pushing her to the door.
"Okey, okey" She said and looked at herself, then went. If they'll be together it would be awesome. And like 2 days, and it became this, I really think this happened for a reason.


- Jennifer's P.O.V.  -

"Go out to him and sit beside him" Liam said and pushed me to  the door.
"Okey okey!" I said looking on myself to see if I looked good, then went out.
"You're already done?" Louis said.
"Nah, Liam said he could take the rest." I sad and sat beside Zayn as Liam told me to do. I looked at him, he stared at the wall. Louis saw me looking and then said
"Jennifer come, I want to talk to you" 
"okey.." I said, Zayn stopped staring at the wall and looked at me, I looked at him and smiled, trying to make him feel better, then left to a room with Louis, what would he do? 

"Do you like Zayn?" he asked me when he closed the door.
"what?" I said, weird question..

"Do you like Zayn?" He repeated
"Ofcourse, I love you all, you know I'm still a directioner." I said and winked.
"No, do you like, like, Zayn?" He ased and winked. I blushed
"ehm.....Yeah.." I said, I felt heat at my cheeks.
"Then, go talk to him." He said.
"Liam told me the same thing, but what am I supposed to say? It would be awkward to talk in front of everybody, I'd rather talk with him alone if I should comfort him" I said.
"Then talk to him when you're alone, show him you care" He said, what is this all about??

"Why do you want me to talk to him btw?" I asked, this was getting really weird.
"Don't care about that just do it." he said and went out.
"okey...." I said for myself. I sat down on the floor for a moment, trying to understand what actually happened. Louis and Liam wants me to be with Zayn, but it seems like they don't care about his feeling right now, just my or yeah something like that... His girlfriend broke up with him an hour ago but Liam and Louis nearly don't care, or did I missunderstood everything? I heard the door open and Zayn came in, he didn't see me, he just threw himself on the bed, I was quite for a little moment then asked him.
"Zayn how are you?" He lift his hed up from the pillow and looked at me.
"What are you doing here?" he said and sobbed.
"I sat here when you came in, you didn't see me" I said
"Oh.." he said, he began to go out of the bed
"No stay there" I said softly, he did as I said. I walked toward the bed and sat beside him, looking him in the eyes.
"Are you okey?" I asked, softly.
"No.." he said. The clock was 12 PM, what a great start for Zayn on his birthday.. I came closer and put my hand on his shoulder then I walked and sat on my knees in front of him, he looked at my eyes, then I hugged him, he hugged back, started to cy.
I didn't say anything, just let him cry. He cried and cried, poor Zayn. I kissed his forhead then he threw me away, I nearly banged my head in the wall.

"The only thing you want is to make me believe you care, you actually don't care!" He screamed, I knew this was going to happen, I'm a directioner, not his friend.

"Zayn.." I said tring to calm him.
"shut up!" He screamed. I walked towards him sat on my knees in front of him, he was angry, very angry. I heard the door opened and Liam and Louis stood by the door.
"What happened?" Louis asked.
"Nothing, you can go and watch TV again" I said softly, looking at zayn, he was looking at me, I knew he wanted to go, but he didn't do anything, he sat there, looking in my eyes, he was really angry at me, for "faking to care about him".

"but..." Liam said.
"Go" i said, looking Liam in the eyes, he understood, took Louis in the arm and went, now it's only me and Zayn left in the room.
"Zayn I know your sad, and angry, but you have to believe that I do care about you, I don't want to see you hurt, even if I'm just a fan for you, you're my everything, I don't love you as a fan, I love and care about you because you are my friend." I said softly. He calmed himself
"You really care?" He asked looking at me.
"ofcourse I do." I said looking deep into his eyes. He hugged me, His hugs are the best ever. we hugged for some minutes and then I let him cry on my shoulder, Tears started to fall, we stayed in the room for nearly half an hour. Then he looked at me, I saw a tear fall, I wiped it away with my thumb, and Smiled, he did the same when he saw a tear on my cheek then he hugged me again.

- Alicia's P.O.V.  - 

Me and Niall are really good friends now, he's so cute! I had my head on his shoulder and watched TV, he ate some snacks he took after we ate breakfast. But I knew something was missing, Liam was back from the disches... What was it? Then I remembered!  Jennifer and Zayn was gone for like 30 minutes now, after the screams and things like that it became quite, what are they doing? 
"Where's Jennifer and Zayn?" I asked, looking around.
"They're in the bedroom, talking.... I hope" Louis said and we all laughed a bit.
Then they came out, both were red around their eyes, no one said anything they just watched them go over to the couch and watch the TV.
"Feeling better?" Harry asked Zayn
"Much better" Zayn said and smiled.
"Should we celebrate you birthday now?" Harry asked with a big smile. I've hide Zayns present in my and Jennifer's room.
"sure" he said. I looked at Jennifer, she looked at me, she nodded to me like she meant that I would go get the present, so I did, but I didn't just take our present, I've brought a little present when Jennifer didn't look, so she'll have the present by herself, it'll be more special for them both,  I came back with the present, walked to Jennifer and gave it to her, Zayn didn't see me do it so he don't know he'll get a present from us. All the boys sat in a circle around Zayn and gave him presents.
Liam gave him a cool necklace. Harry gave him PS3 Game, So did Niall, Louis Gave him A T-shirt that is stood "Bradford Badboi" on, it was pretty silly and Zayn started to laugh.


Jennifer's P.O.V


I blushed a little, I was pretty nervous, what if he didn't like it? or if he already have one? Then Alicia came and give him one, what? he bought him one from only her? It was a bracelet, in leather.
"Cool" He said and thanked all of the guys gave them all a hug, it was like they've forgot me.
"There's one gift you haven't opened yet" Liam said and looked at me, everyone looked at me, I walked to Zayn and gave him his present, it was a little card on it, it stood "Happy Birthday, lots of love  - Jennifer" I knew it was Alicia who wrote that, she wanted him to believe I bought it myself, omg this is awkward. He unwrapped the paper and opened the box, his eyes widened.
"Wow.." he said, everyone came towards him and looked at the present.
"waow" Louis said. Zayn took the watch from the box and put it on his arm, it fit perfectly.
"Oh god..." He said, he was really suprised. I blushed looking at the floor. 

"Th-thank you so much Jennifer. I can't thank you enough." he said and gave me a big bearhug. I smiled and hugged him back. we stopped hugging and he looked at his watch, like it was a diamond, I was still blushing. I got a text. It was from Louis, I looked at him, he pointed at the phone I looked at the text.
"How much did that thing cost"?

"399 pounds
He dropped his phone when he saw the text, he was really shocked, it was expensive.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked
"ehh... Nothing" Louis said and reached for the phone, but Harry took it and read the text.
He was looking at me and then at Louis, everyone else was confused, He gave Louis his phone back and was just quite.
"What was that all about?" Zayn asked
"Nothing" Louis, Harry and I said at the same time.

Omg that was awkward.

My phone rang it was mum,
"I have to take this" I said and walked away and answered the phone.
"Hi mum" I said
"Hi babydoll, How are you?" she said
"Just fine, little tired we've been shopping and things like that" I lied, she would think I'm crazy if I told her I was in one directions hotel room.
"oh okey, I just wanted to know you're fine! Love you so much, bye!" sh said and hung up
"okey... bye..." I said.  then went back to the others

- Zayn's P.O.V. - *Previous*

The watch was so fucking nice, it must have been really expensive, why did she buy that? I felt bad for having it, it looked really really expensive. Oh god how can I ever thank her? I looked at my watch, wow, I'm still shocked.  *bang* I looked up, Louis dropped his phone, he looked shocked.
"What are you doing?" Harry asked.
"Ehh nothing" Harry took the phone before Louis did and looked at it his eyes widened then he looked at Jennifer and Louis, and gave Louis his phone back.
"What was that all about?" I asked, very confused.
"Nothing" Jennifer Louis and Harry said at the same time
"okeyy..." I sad and looked at Jennifer, then on my watch again. then her phone rang "I have to take this" she said and walked away answering the phone, some minutes after she came back and sat with us again.
"who was it?" I asked
"My mum, she just wanted to know I'm okey" she said
"Does she know about us?" Louis asked
"Nope, she would never believe it, she would think i'm crazy or shit like that" she said and laughed a little. Louis laughed too, then we watched TV again.
"Zayn, there's fans outside wanting to say happy birthday, can't you come and go out a little to say thank you?" Paul said "I'll be with you, so no one hurts you."
"eh, sure" I said and went out from the room and down the corridor to say hi to the fans.


- Louis P.O.V. -

 "OKEY HES GONE COME ON HURRY UP WITH BALLOONS AND FOOD!" I screamed as soon as I knew he couldn't hear, Jennifer and Alicia was confused, they sat and looked at me.

"We need to surprise 'Zayn so I told Paul to go out with Zayn so we could fix some things!" I said and smiled big, they looked at eachother and smiled, I threw some unblowed balloons at them, they screamed and then blushed, I think they understood that it was only balloons. I laughed hard and then I heard *PANG* I jumped out of the couch and looked around, the girls laughed hard and I saw parts from a balloon.
"Ha-ha very funnny!" I said ironic. They just laughed and contuined blowing balloons, it didn't go that well, they laughed too much. I went to the kitchen and helped Liam with the food and Niall and Harry fixed other things. after some minutes everything besides the food was done, I texted paul he could take Zayn back to the room.

When the door opened and Zayn came in we all stood at the couches and screamed "SUPRIIIISEE" we all laughed at his reaction, his face was incredible.
"what the fuck?" he said confused
"Don't think we won't celebrate!" Liam said smiling big. Zayn blushed a little. He walked towards us, Jennifer picked up a ballon and threw it at his face, she laughed, her laugh is really cute, reminds me of Eleanor OMG I FORGOT ELEANOR AND DANIELLE! Right there I got a textmessage from Eleanor
"Hi can we come now? x" she texted
" ofcourse! x" I texted back

Within 5 minutes there was a knock on the door, Outside were Eleanor and Danielle.
"Hi guys! Happy birthday Zayn!" the both said.
"Hi, thanks!" Zayn said back.

Jennifer and Alicia came towards the livingroom.

"Oh, hey!" Eleanor said and smiled big.

"Hey!" Jennifer and Alicia said.

"What's your names?" Danielle said and came towards us to give us a hug, Eleanor did the same
"I'm Jennifer" Jennifer said.
"And I'm Alicia" Alicia said.

"I'm Danielle and she's Eleanor!" Danielle said and pointed at Eleanor. The four girls smiled at eachother.

"So, tell me, why are you guys here? or how did you met the boys?" Danielle asked the girls and they told the story.

*a quarter later*

"DINNER'S READY!" Liam shouted and we sat around the table, or atleast the boys, the girls sat on the couches because we didn't have enough place around the table. Paul were not here, he was at the hotels kitchen to fix the birthdaycake to Zayn. The day went by and we got some beer with us, but I noticed that Jennifer didn't drink anything, she stood with Alicia and talked, I walked towards her with a beer in my hand.

"Why aren't you drinking?" I asked.
"I don't drink" She said
"Oh.. okey, there's some coke in the fridge if you want that instead!" I said and smiled
"Thanks" she said and smiled back.

After eating the cake and everything the clock was already 12 am. Danielle and Eleanor went an hour ago and now we're watching TV, I recognised that Niall and Alicia kissed so I whistled at them, they stopped kissing and laughed, then kissed again. 

- Niall's P.O.V. -

I got the girl I wanted, Alicia, her beautiful brown hair, blue/green eyes, her little freckles, I loved them.
"You're really cute with freckles" I said. She blushed, I kissed her forhead. She was the right one, I kissed her, then I heard a whistle, I looked up and Louis were smiling, I laughed and so did Alicia. Then we kissed again, this moment was the best ever. half an hour after Harry got to bed, so did Liam. Zayn, Jennifer, Louis, Alicia and I were still awake.
"Why did you sleep on the couch yesterday?" Jennifer said.
"The guests should have the best" Louis said smiling.
"okey... but we maybe should go back to our hotel room, it's getting really late." She said

"sleep over again!" Louis Said

"We don't want to disturb you guys" Jennifer said.

"You never disturb us" Zayn said. " come one be here the night".

"oh.. okey but tonight we take the couches" Jennifer said and pinted at Alicia and herself.
"No no no, never, we take the couches." Zayn said. 
"yeah we take the couches." Louis repetaed Zayn.

"But.." Jennifer Said but I interupped her.
"You two takes the bedroom" I said pointing at the two girls. Jennifer sighed

"In that case, I'll go to bed now, I'm tired." She said
"I come with you." Alicia said and walked away from me. they walked to their bedroom.

"You've found your princess huh?" Louis said to me
"Yeah, I think so" I said and smiled
"And you Zayn, what about you?" I asked Zayn.

"I don't know, I don't want to have a girlfriend anymore." he said ad sighed.
"Yes you do. I know you and Jennifer would be really cute together." Louis Said smiling at Zayn.
"agh goodnight" Zayn said and laid down in the couch, he fell asleep immediately. I went to sleep in the bedroom on the couch and Louis turned off the TV.

"Goodnight" I said.
"Good night" he answered and I went in, I fell asleep immediately.

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