I never thought this would happen.

Jennifer is 18 and was bullied from year 12 to year 16 by her ex boyfriend Damon. Bad things happened and she nearly didn't have anyone, she had one friend, her best friend who never left her side. Her name was Alicia and was bullied because she was with Jennifer. They both moved from where they lived when they were 16, now? Now they're obsessed with one direction and are going to see their consert. But there's some things that happend. Some things ehich is awesome and some which is really bad. Things they never thought would happen.


9. What the hell are you doing here?


Alicia's P.O.V.

* The next day*


I woke up by the guys shaking me and Jennifer as we were dolls or something.

"WAKE UUUPPP!" Louis shouted

"WAKIE WAKIE!" Zayn shouted right after Louis.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LEAVE US ALONE!" Jennifer said angry as hell.

Nieall jumped in the bed and were over me. Zayn did the same to Jennifer.


"Wow, someone is in a bad mood" Niall laughed as he walked up.

"No shit? You fucking woke us up by shaking and screaming at us, how did you even get in here? It's our hotelroom right? And Niall get off me pleeaaseee" I said, The boys laughed a little.

"Babe, you know we're one direction right? we can just ask for extra key and they'll give it to us, duh" Niall said kissing my forhead when I finally sat up on the bed.

"But you can't just come in like that!" Jennifer said still tiredly mad.

"Sorry love, we'll knock before we go in next time." Zayn said and still laid over Jennifer who finally pulled him away, Jennifer looked like a monster, her hair was like I don't know how to describe it...

"Nice hair you got today Jen" I said and winked at her, she walked up and to the mirror in the bathroom, then she shouted.

"YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME? AGH!" We all laughed then I remembered that I need to check myself too, I walked to Jennifer and looked in the mirror, my hair was just like normal. phew.

"Eyy You're still cute, you know" I said and looked at her, she pulled a stupid face as she always do when I complimented her, I laughed at how she looked like, she looked really retarded.

"We go get ready and you guys makes us pancakes, as a punishment for waking us up like that" Jennifer said to the boys when she walked out from the bathroom she went to Zayn who pulled her in his arms.

"Okey then..." The boys said and pretended to be sad.

"I can stay here huh?" Zayn said and winked at Jennifer.

"No you woke me up too, now go!" she said and gave him a kiss, Zayn pretended to be sad and went out.

We both got ready and took a shower and Jennifer even shaved her legs, lol okey? we took something simple and got a light makeup. Jennifer put her contacts in before she put makeup on and then she was ready to eat breakfast, I smelled the pancakes but I heard the boys laugh... a lot... 

"What are they doing out there?" Jennifer asked looking at me curious. 

"I don't know.. Lets find out" I said and walked towards the door, we both walked out and saw all the boys playing with the pancakes.

"GUYS WHAT THE HELL?" I shouted. They all stopped and looked at us, they looked really scared. Then from no were I got a pancake in the face, everyone laughed at me, even Jennifer.

"NOT FUNNY!" I shouted and everyone just laughed harder. 

"Well you have to clean up the mess, just sayin!" I said and raised my hands, then went away too get some socks.

"Aww maaan!" I heard Louis said.


After the breakfast and the boys have cleaned up the mess they went to their room and we got ready to the consert, the clock was now 12 pm and we would be there with the boys and they were going at 1 pm. Need to get ready!



* 1 Hour later  * 

We went to the boys and they opened, it was no time to even get in to them because everyone were dressed and ready to go, so we went to the limo, we talked about everything and how awesome this day would be, I saw Zayn and Jennifer kiss, okey they together now, so I did the same as she did yesterday

"AWWW LOOK AT YOU TWO!" I said loud so everyone could hear, they looked at Jennifer and Zayn who was pulling away from a kiss awkwardly.

"AWWWW!" Louis said and smiled big, jennifer and Zayn smiled back, blushing.

When we came to the Arena The boys needed to rehears so Me and Jennifer went to watch backstage.

"I'm going to the bathroom, be right back!" Jennifer said and went, 5 minutes after I heard a scream I ran to the toilets and there he was.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" I screamed, nearly knew what could happen.


Jennifer's P.O.V.


I went to the toilets, when I were going back I saw him, that boy that have marked me for the rest of the life. I screamed and then I saw Alicia running towards me, she stopped and saw him.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" she screamed at him.

"Well hello on you too, I'm here with my beautiful girlfriend to show her the boys, what the hell are you doing here? Eyy Jennifer hows you waist?" Damon said evily, smiling evily and winked at me.

"Go away from here, you sick bastard." I said to him angry but scared.

"No, I'm going to show my girlfriend the boys, as I said" He said and smiled looking at her girlfriend, she looked at me like I was a big piece of shit, she looked perfect, big boobs, Skinny as hell, Perfectly straight and long hair, Perfect skin.

"How did you even get here? The boys are busy by the way so you can't visit them." Alicia said and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Backstagepasses, what about you two? stupid little ugly sluts. I don't care if they're busy, we can wait" He said looking at me.

"We are their girlfriends so get the fuck out of here, when they know it was you who did this too me" I paused and pointed at my waist "They'll beat you up" I contuined.

"HAH Girlfriends? What did you have to do? Pay them? Lol no one wants you you ugly fucker, No one." He said and laughed at me, I looked down, nearly crying.

"Aww are you going to cry now? stupid baby" His girlfriend said. OMFG I can't stand her anymore, I went to her and bitchslapped her, she gasped and looked at me, she had tears in her eyes.

"Crybaby" I said and smiled at her.

"WHAT THE FUCK? OH YOU'LL REGRET THAT YOU LITTLE WHORE!" Damon said and put out a shny sharp thing from his pockt, it was a knife. 

"YOU'RE SICK! YOU GONNA TRY TO KILL ME AGAIN FOR A LITTLE BITCHSLAP? OMG WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" I yelled at him, I saw paul coming towards us but he came to late,  I didn't even see what happened, all I felt was pain in my other waist and pain in the stomach, I fell down holding my stomach, I looked down and all I saw was blood. Then I saw Paul running towards me, I heard a gasp, I looked towards Alicia, she got cut in the waist.

"JENNIFER, ALICIA NO!" I heard a dark voice scream, I saw 5 boys running towards us.

"LET ME GO!" I heard the girl and damon scream, then it all went black.

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