I never thought this would happen.

Jennifer is 18 and was bullied from year 12 to year 16 by her ex boyfriend Damon. Bad things happened and she nearly didn't have anyone, she had one friend, her best friend who never left her side. Her name was Alicia and was bullied because she was with Jennifer. They both moved from where they lived when they were 16, now? Now they're obsessed with one direction and are going to see their consert. But there's some things that happend. Some things ehich is awesome and some which is really bad. Things they never thought would happen.


2. The elevator


- Alicia's P.O.V -   

" What did the girl say to you?" I asked Jennifer, realising efterwards there was more than just us here, so I blushed a little, awwwkwaaard. "She said that we're lucky, but she didn't say why..." She said confusing   I heard a cute laugh from the boys, then a voice I recognised, but didn't knew from where..   "If they only knew huh?" the person said, but tried to say it so we couldn't hear, I looked up, I got shocked, I looked at Jennifer but she already saw it. The guys laughed at our reactions, I think we looked pretty silly standing there with our mouths opened and couldn't get a word out. "Wow, it took a while for you to realise" Said a curly guy and smile, his dimples popped up. IT WAS HARRY STYLES! A-AND LOUIS TOMLINSON! AND NIALL HORAN! AND LIAM PAYNE! AND ZAYN MALIK! OMFG! I shoke my head trying to understand what just happened but I was just standing there, I legs felt weak I nearly fell down but nothing happened, still just standing there wth my mouth opened. "o-oh m-my g-god...." Jennifer said The boys was still smiling at us "Oh my god" I said repeating Jennifer "Hello....?" Zayn said looking to me and Jennifer "H-hii...." Jennifer said and I repeated the same we tried to be calm down and start to talk "what's you name?" Louis said with a smile. "I'm Alicia" I said  "and I'm Jennifer" Jennifer said "Beautiful names" Liam said and winked OMG HE WINKED! i thought "Are you okey?" Niall asked and looked into our eyes, mostly mine, omg my beautiful "husband" looked into my eyes, omg his eyes are like diamonds! "Yeah we're fine" Jennifer said and calmed herself, so I did it to, or atleast tried to...   "so were are you going to live?" Zayn asked I looked at Jennifer, she was looking at the roomkey and said "Number 127". "wow that's fantastic!" Harry said with a big smile so his dimples popped up "What do you mean?" I asked. "we live in room 128, on the opposite side of the corridor" Louis said with a smile. I think my jaw nearly dropped to the floor. "Wh-what?" Jennifer said "Yeah, great huh?" Liam said with a big smile. "That's awesome!" Jennifer and I said at the same time the boys laughed. Then the elevator doors opened,we were at our floor, we walked to the the rooms  "well... see you on the consert I guess" Jennifer said and smiled "Or maybe earlier!" Louis said smiling big. "Here" Said Zayn and took a pen and Jennifers arm, he wrote something on the arm, when he wrote it he winked and went inside their room and the boys followed him "bye!" they said  "Bye!" I answered.  


- Jennifer's P.O.V -    

"Well, see you on the consert I guess.." I said with a smile. "Or even earlier!" Louis said with a big smile. "Here" said Zayn, took a pen and my arm, he wrote something, my heart pounded faster and faster, omg Zayn wrote something on my arm! was it his aoutograpfh? or what was it?? OMG when he was done writing he winked and went inside their room and the boys followed him "bye!" they said  "Bye!" I answered. We went to our room and Alicia asked "What was he writing??" confused and surprised. I looked at my arms, it stood "Call me maybe. x" and a number "OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OH MY FUCKING GOD OMG YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME WHAT THE HELL OMG IS THIS A DREAM?!" I screamed fangirling my head of. " WHAT WAS IT?!" she screamd and looked at my arm "OMG YOU GOT TO TEXT HIM NOW!" I took my iphone, wrote the numbers and texted him   To; ZAYN MALIK! xx   Text: Hi! thank you so much for the number! xx / Jennifer   1 minute after i got a text, it was from Zayn   From: ZAYN MALIK! xx   text: Haha you're welcome love, wanna come over later? we aren't going to do something anyway. :) x   "OMG HE WANTED US TO COME OVER LATER!" I screamed "WELL HELL YEAH WE'LL DO! WHEN?"   I texted him   "Sure! it would be awesome! but when? :) x" J   " What about 4? so we can unpack and things like that? :) x" Z   "Yeah sure! see ya later! x" J   "see ya x" Z   "WE'LL SEE THEM AT 4!" I screamed to Alicia who was in the kitchen and fangirling.   Everything happened so fast, like 2 hours ago We were on the train and now we're going to be wih one direction! woooow   I unpacked my things, took a shower so I would be fresh when I met the boys, took an outhfit, it was black trousers which were at the waist, a green/blur shirt, I loved that outfit. I dried and straightened my hair, it been an hour so the clock was 2 pm right now, 2 hours left... I took a sandwish, I was really hungry, while I was eating, Alicia went to take a shower, she came out and had black thights and a white cute sweatshirt, she loved that outfit. she's so beautiful..   "Well hello there beautiful.." I said and winked "Hello beautiful" she said and looked at me with a smile   I took my makeup to the mirror in the bedroom and put it one, powder, concealer, mascara and eyebrows pen. my daily look, I didn't want to impress that much, even if it's one direction. Alicia did the same. I brushed my teeth and it was 1 hour until we'll coming over, I got a text, it was from Zayn, I still can't believe I have his phonenumber!   From: ZAYN MALIK! xx   Text: Hi, it's Harry, Zayn fix his hair, he's soon ready, are you? :) x   I texted back: Yeah We're done, is it okey to come 1 hour earlier? x   the text came after 1 minute: Yeah it's okey, the earlier the better ;) x   - we'll be there in 5 min then :) x   I said to Alicia we could come earlier so we took a last look in the mirror, mmh it's good, then we went out to room number 128..  

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