I never thought this would happen.

Jennifer is 18 and was bullied from year 12 to year 16 by her ex boyfriend Damon. Bad things happened and she nearly didn't have anyone, she had one friend, her best friend who never left her side. Her name was Alicia and was bullied because she was with Jennifer. They both moved from where they lived when they were 16, now? Now they're obsessed with one direction and are going to see their consert. But there's some things that happend. Some things ehich is awesome and some which is really bad. Things they never thought would happen.


3. The best day ever??


Ashleys P.O.V.


We knocked on the door, there was a big bodyguard who opened, It was Paul. "I think you came to the wrong room" He said. I was a little shocked, but I understood he didn't know who we were. "No let them in, they're our friends!" I heard Niall shout to Paul, Paul moved away from the door and we walked in. The room was like a normal teenage room, maybe a little cooler, but it was messy, like wow... are they really 22/19/18? it looks like they're 15/16 or something...  "Hi beautifuls" Niall said. We both blushed a little "Hi" we both said with a smile, Louis came and give us both a big bearhug, Niall did the same, then Liam, then Harry but Zayn wasn't even there "Where's Zayn?" Jennifer Asked and looked around. "ZAAYNN!" Louis shouted. Zayn came and gave us both a hug, first me, then Jennifer, he hugged her little longer than me, what if he likes her?? OMG Zayn is Jennifers favourite and it would be her dream, Niall is my favourite.. He's so cute, and hot.. and.. Irish... grr... I thought "So how are you two?" Liam said while we walked in to the livingroom. They had a BIG TV. "Amazing!" I said and looked around, damn it was a really big TV.. and a really nice room. Niall stood beside me and Zayn and Harry stood beside Jennifer, she was blushing when they stood beside her, she's kinda insecure, if you didn't knew that already.. We sat on the couch, Louis turned the TV on, Niall sat to the right, I was in the middle of Niall and Harry, Jennifer was in the middle of Zayn and Harry, and Liam and Louis sat on another smaller couch. We talked and watched TV, they wanted to know more about us, our lives etc.But Jennifer never told that she has glasses.. Should I tell them? no... then they'll be asking why she ddn't say and she'll be remembering her bullied life.. Well we asked about their famous and unfamous lives. This is the best day ever. Me and Niall are becoming good friends, really good friends, and Harry, Jennifer and Zayn are becoming really good friends, actually, if they both like her, then its kinda bad, because you want them both but you have to choose and don't want to hurt anyone. But Zayn has a Girlfirend, Perrie, And they are so cute together, Harry was together with Taylor Swift but they broke up a couple of days ago. Poor Harry, he got so much hate.. Well atleast it's over now, I hope..  "Zayn come over here for a moment!" Paul shouted and Zayn went to the bedroom, Paul closed the door. "Okey Now when he's gone for a moment, do you wanna help us do a sursprise party for Zayn tomorrow?" Louis asked, DAMN RIGHT TOMORROW IS THE 12TH JANUARY! "Yeah that would be awesome!" Jennifer Said. I knew she wanted to be with Zayn at his birthday, as much as she loves him. "Good can I have your number and I'll text you later about what we gonna do?" Louis asked. "Sure" Jennifer said. I was kinda jealous, why did she get all the numbers? I want them too... "Can I have your number?" Niall asked, he was a little shy. "Sure!" I said with a smile. He smiled back.I gave him my number when Zayn just got to the room "What are you guys doin?" he said, confused while we gave our numbers to eachother, "We want their numbers too jerkface" Louis said and laughed a little. Zayn didn't care and went to where he sat before. "what did YOU do?" Harry asked looking at Zayn, I saw how Jennifer was Leaning back so she didn't disturbe them. "Nah nothing" Zayn said. Harry looked curious, but then just leaned back  on the couch.   

Zayns P.O.V.

Damn she's beautiful, but Paul said that I can't flirt or anything because I have a girlfriend, but she was so beautiful and I saw how Harry was looking at her.. Jennifer, a beautiful name, to a beautiful girl.  I wanted her, but how? I love Perrie too.. but Jennifer seems like the right one.. "Zayn what are you thinking about??" Louis asked with a little smile, that evil guy.  "Nothing" I said "It was something! Or someone...." He said. "I said nothing!" I said, He's so anoying.. Everyone was looking at me, I sighed and leand backwards, my arms crossed. The clock was now 7:30 PM. "Maybe we should go....." Jennifer said, I saw that she didn't want to. "Yeah..." Said Alicia, she didn't want it either. Louis was looking at me, then Jennifer, he smiled and said that they could be here a little more if they wanted "You sure? we don't want to disturb" Jennifer said, looking at the ground, then up again, she's really insecure, so cute, "No, no, no, It's fun to have you here, you're like our swedish best friends!" Niall said. "You're our brittish best friends!" Alicia said. "Come on stay a little longer.." I said and smiled at Jennifer "Well, how long then?" Jennifer asked, looking in my eyes "The whole night if you want to!" Liam said and winked, we all giggled "But seriously, when do you guys want us to leave?" Jennifer asked All of us said toghether "Never!!", they both blushed, why do girls blush so easily?  "Well we can't be here all night, right?" Alicia said giggling "Ofcourse you can, if you want to ofcourse! you can just bring your things, we have two bedrooms and you two can take one of them" Harry Said. Jennifer and Alicia looked at them, Jennifer was kinda unsure. "eh.." Jennfer started but got interupted by Alicia "Sure!" She said "Yaaay!" the guys sang. "We go get our things right now, so it's done." Alicia said. "Sure, do that you!" Louis and Liam said toghether. When Jennifer and Alicia left Liam and Louis looked at me, Harry and Niall suspicius "Spit it out!" Louis said "You guys like them don't you?" "Why do you think that??" Harry said, annoyed. "We saw it at your faces" Liam said and smiled. "Zayn..Zayn..Zayn... How will Perrie take this?" Louis asked, everyone looked at me I swallowed hard "what?" I asked trying to avoid it. "Hm.. we take this another time.. " Louis said, we all got to the couch and waited for the girls to come back. It felt like forever..

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