I never thought this would happen.

Jennifer is 18 and was bullied from year 12 to year 16 by her ex boyfriend Damon. Bad things happened and she nearly didn't have anyone, she had one friend, her best friend who never left her side. Her name was Alicia and was bullied because she was with Jennifer. They both moved from where they lived when they were 16, now? Now they're obsessed with one direction and are going to see their consert. But there's some things that happend. Some things ehich is awesome and some which is really bad. Things they never thought would happen.


4. Payama parteyyy! Or what you'd like to call it...


-  Jennifer's P.O.V  -  

Well that's fantastic.. now I have to go with glasses on in front of them, why Alicia? WHY? I held on my waist, I could feel that fucking scar. "Thank you so much" I said "Whaat?" Alicia said trying to look like she dosen't know, but she knew, she knew I hated when people saw me with glasses, I only have glasses with Alicia and my family, noone else. All this is Damon's fault. "You know I hate wearing glasses and you know I can't see anything without them or my contacts!" I said, kinda angry , still holding the scar, while I packed the things. "That's why I wanted this, if you'll not believe me when I say you're beautiful in glasses, I have to get someone you REALLY love, a guy, or maybe 5 guys, to tell you that. And please don't remember me about that scar now, I don't want to have flashbacks.." She said "first. YOU'RE SO ANNOYING! sec. Sorry for remembering you, I don't want to remember either" I said, put my bathroom things in a little bag. 10 minutes went and I got a text "Hi, you done yet? We fixed some movies and popcorn, PAYAMAPARTEY!' / Louis"  "Yeah we're coming soon, we've packed everything, should we bring something?" "If you have a fun game you can take that, or else, we can play truth or dare, if you don't have any :)" "I'll take what we got :)" "Okey, see ya!! :D" "See ya! :D"

  "You're done yet? I asked "Yeah I'm done, should we go?" Alicia asked "Yeah sure!"  We went to the other side of the corridor and knocked, Paul opened again, but this time he let us in immediately. "HEEEYYYY" Louis shouted. "HEEEEEY" I shouted back. "HOOOW AAAREEE YOOOUUU?" He shouted trying not to laugh "JUUST FIIIINE YOOOU?" I asked shouting back "JUUST FIIINE!" he shouted "SHUUUUT UUUUUP!" Alicia and Niall shouted at the same time, Louis and I was laughing so hard.  Louis showed us our room, it was big and so beautiful, big bed and a desk with a  mirror, it's kinda girly, actually. We put our things down and went to the livingroom, it was popcorn and cola on the table, good because I can't drink alcohol, I dont like it at all, I think I'm intolerant to it. When we sat there was MTV on and it was music show so we talked while listening to music instead of watching a movie. "Lets play Truth or Dare!" Louis Said "I start!" "Okey" we other said and we sat in a ring, instead of having a bottle we choosed who we wanted to ask. "Hmmm.... Jennifer truth or dare?" Louis asked "Ofcourse me first.." I said and sighed, (ironic) "hmm..." "DARE DARE DARE!" the other said "FINE! Dare!" I said "Hmm... Start with a easy one, kiss Alicia on the mouth, just a little kiss!" He said I looked at him and thought "what the fuck?" but I did as he said, Alicia was beside me so I just turned my head to her and kissed her on the lips. "Okey my turn.. Hmm" I saw Niall eating some popcorn and I knew he liked to eat so I took him and hoped he'll take dare. "Niall truth or dare?" I asked "Hm.... Dare!" He said, yes, I just love to se his reaction. "I dare you to not eat anything under the whole game!" I said with a evil smile. "Ooooh!" I heard Louis said laughing right after he said it. Nialls eyes widened "What?" He asked shocked "You heard me!" I said with a big snile "You're mean!" He said, faking he's hurt. "Haahhah, I know" I said still smiling. But he stopped eating and asked Alicia truth or dare "Truth" she said, everyone complained and she just laughed. "Whos' your favoutit member in 1D?" He asked, I forgot that no one asked that before "Eh..." she said blushing " the irish one" she said, her face started to get a little red, and Nialls too. "Awww!" Louis said "Zayn! Truth or dare?" She asked "Meh, Dare" he said. trying to be cool. "hmmm.... I'll go easy, cuz I want you to hear you sing, so sing little things" she said He opened his mouth "BUT!" she interupped him, he closed his mouth "Sing it to Jennifer" She said and pointed at me, oh damn that bitch, I blushed. "okey.." Zayn said and came towards me, he sat in front of me, looked me in the eyes and started to sing  

"Your hands fits in mine like it's made just for me,

but bare this in mind, it was meant to be,

and I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks,

and it alls makes sense to me.."   

He looked right into my eyes, My heart melted, I felt heat in my face, omg his voice it was like heaven, it's even better in IRL, I love it, but I knew Alicia said that to make me feel better about myself, it wont work. But I blushed, I looked at the floor, everyone saw I was blushing. He sang til the end of the first chorus, then he stoppes and walk to his place.     "Jennifer, Truth or dare?" Zayn said "Eh, Truth" I said "Okey, Do you have something you don't like about yourself? and if so, what is it?" he asked That's a weird question, He w that I had omething special I didn't like "eeeehh... yeah, Lots of things..." I started to say. "Like what?" Louis said, curious, "Eh Nearly everything, except my eyes I think, that's the only thing Ilike about myself, But I hate them but that's because of something else" I said "What's that then?" Liam asked, everyone was looking at me. "Harry! truth or dare?" I said, trying to ignore the question. "ehhhh truth"  "What's your biggest secret?" I asked "ehh I don't know actually, nothing I know now." He said The game contined for a couple of hours, Niall and Alicia had to kiss, Me and Harry and Me and Zayn. But then we ended up watching a movie, We sat like we did before in the couches, It was awesome, besides this with the glasses, I know it's geeky not to tell but I absolutely HATE THEM. I ate what happened because of them. "We're just going to fix us, it's late and I don't want to be in jeans anymore" Alicia said, and dragged me out of the couch and in to the bedroom, whe put on our payama outfit, when I stood in just my bra I looked in the mirror at the scar, a tear escaped my eye, I quickly wiped it away but Alicia saw it. "You're fine now, it's just a scar, you know, besides, you're with the 5 most awesome boys in the world, be happy instead." she said trying to make me feel better, it worked. I put my payama t-shirt on and went to the bathroom wich was beside the bedroom so I took the makeup off and took out the contacts, but I didn't get the glasses, they were still in the bag, I nearly couldn't see anything, it was all blurred, damn this will be so hard.  "Put the damn glass......" she started to say "SCCCCHHHH!"I interuppted her, I hope the guys didn't hear. "Fine, jerk" she said and went out, I followed her, it was hard to get to my place but I got there and noone recognised anything, Zayn looked at me, I looked at him, he looked in my eyes "You have a different eyecolour now" He whispered. DAMN I forgot that the contacts made my eyes look more green. I looked away, looked at the TV.  

  - Zayn's POV -   

Why is her eye colour in another shape? they look more blue now.. It looked green before.. It feels like I'm kinda obsessed but I can't help that I recognized it.. I looked at her, then looked at the TV, we were watching Iron Man, it's pretty good actually. The clock is 1 AM, damn I'm Tired. Jennifer put her head on my shoulder, she nearly fell asleep, I shope my shoulder a little she woke up immedietly, WHY DID I DO THAT FOR? She looked at me and blushed, I looked at her and smiled, "Maybe you should go and sleep" I whipered "I don't want to be the first one" she said, reeeaaalllyyy quite, I nearly heard what she said, but I knew what she meant, I smiled at her. The other one was also tired "I'm going to bed now! Sorry but I'm freaking tired!" Harry said. Like he heard what Jennifer said. "yeah me too" Liam said " Oh, okey! goodnight!" Alicia and Jennifer said "Goodnight!" the other said. Jennifer was with us 20 minutes before she went to the bedroom. "Sorry but I'm going to sleep now." She said "Good night!" "I'm coming with you!" Alicia said, "Goodnight boys!" She said "Goodnight!" we answered. They went to the bedroom and then there was only me, Louis and Niall here. "Now, Zaaayyynnn, something you'd like to tell us? now when only 3 of us is here" Louis said smiling. "Like what?" I asked trying to not understand, but I knew what he meant. "Zayn likes Jennifer!" Niall whisper-shouted. I blushed, they all laughed at me but didn't say anything else, I took a deep breath and started to watch the movie again.

  Nialls P.O.V.

  Harry and Zayn likes Jennifer, that means I have beautiful Alicia for myself, she's so beautiful and her eyes are like diamonds! I was so happy when she said I was her favourit. But what about Jennifer? I think Harry wont take her, I saw that he was sad but he let her go, I think..   "And you Niall? you've found your little princess yet?" Louis said and winked   "Haha, maybe" I said and winkeed back. "We should sleep now, it's something special tomorrow, isn't it Zayn?" In said and looked at Zayn "Oh yeah, I forgot that it's my birthday tomorrow.." "Is it okey if the girls are here too?" Louis asked "Ofcourse!" Zayn said and smiled. We turned off the TV and went to bed. What a perfect day, evening, and night. 'I'm going to sleep with a big smile tonight' I thought when I brushed my teeth and went to the couch in the bedroom. Louis and Zayn went out and slept on the couches in the livingroom, I think we all fell asleep very fast.

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