I never thought this would happen.

Jennifer is 18 and was bullied from year 12 to year 16 by her ex boyfriend Damon. Bad things happened and she nearly didn't have anyone, she had one friend, her best friend who never left her side. Her name was Alicia and was bullied because she was with Jennifer. They both moved from where they lived when they were 16, now? Now they're obsessed with one direction and are going to see their consert. But there's some things that happend. Some things ehich is awesome and some which is really bad. Things they never thought would happen.


10. hospital

Zayn's P.O.V. (Previous)

Me an the others went to take a break from the rehears, we sat in the couches and were talking when we noticed the girls weren't here.

"Hey where's Jennifer and Al......." I were starting to say but got interruppted by a shout

"YOU'RE SICK! YOU GONNA TRY TO KILL ME AGAIN FOR A LITTLE BITCHSLAP? OMG WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" I heard Jennifer scream. What the fuck happened over there? I saw Paul running towards the toilets, the boys looked at eachother then started o run after, I were with them. I ran and then saw Jennifer and Alicia on the floor, they were all bloody.

"JENNIFER! ALICIA! NO!" I screamed and ran faster, Jennifer looked at me.

"LET ME GO!" a girl and a boy screamed when paul and other guards picked them up so they couldn't run away. I ran to Jennifer, she passed out, I looked at her scars they were bleeding really much, I called 911 and told them the emergency and then pulled my shirt off and ripped it into a bigger piece.

"What are you doing?" Niall asked me.

"We have to stop the damn bleeding! C'mon" And I wrapped it around Jennifers scars and tied it hard so it would stop her from bleeding. It was hard because she got stabbed on two places. I looked at Alicia and saw Niall doing the same thing, then I heard sirens and 2 minutes after this came the ambulance personal and took Jennifer and Alicia to hospital.

"What happened to the others? The girl and the boy.." Louis asked, still shocked of what just happened.

"The police took them" Paul said walking towards us. "Guys are you going to the hospital or are you staying here?"

"I AM GOING THERE, NOW." Niall and I nearly screamed and ran and took a new t-shirt and our jackets. The boys ran after us and we all went to hospital, I drove,  everyone sat quite the whole ride and when we came to the hospital I stopped the engine and nearly jumped out of the car, I stressed when the boys took time ( or it felt like they took time to come out) until I locked the door and ran in.

"Jennifer Lilja and Alicia Keys where are they??"I said really worried about them. Especially my love Jennifer.

"They're in room 24 and 25 sir." the nurse said.

"Thank you!" I said to her and ran into the rooms, the boys where right behind me. I went to room 24 and there was Jennifer, Niall went to room 25 and watched Alicia.

"I'm sorry but you can't be here, Jennifer need surgery, and then a blood trans..." the doctor started to say but I interupped him.

"What? Is she okey?" I asked, worried I looked at Jennifer and then on the doctor again.

"We don't know if she'll survive, she lost a lot of blood, she may need a blod translation." The doctor said again while he pushed us to go back to the corridior. I couldn't speak, I just walked backwards and looked at Jennifer, then the door closed, I fell on my knees. Liam came to me and pulled me up.

"She'll be fine okey?" Liam said, I heard that he lied, I heard that he didn't knew how this would end.

I walked towards room 25 and Alicia where awake, she weren't as hurt as Jennifer was.

"How's Jennifer, Zayn?" she asked and looked at me worried.

"I-I don't know.. the doctor said she may need a blood translation and they didn't know if she'll make it, Omg why her? why you? why not me? I wish I could take your places.." I said and felt the tears starting to fall.

"Zayn, don't care about me now, care about Jennifer, I'm fine, she's not, ask a doctor about the blood translation, Someone of us must have the same blood type, we need to save her, Zayn!" She nearly shouted at me.

"You're right." I said and walked to the other room and knocked, praying they would open, the tears still falling, one after one, I tried to wipe them away but it didn't work. The door opened.

"We're kind of busy know, will you please come back later?" The doctor asked and began to shut the door, I held my hand between the door and the doorframe.

"You said she need a blood translation, what blood type does she have? We need to save her!" I said to him and looked to Jennifer, I didn't really see her, doctors were all over her.

"She have bloodtype B, now can you leave, it's very hard to work bef....." Beep beep beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

"Her heart stopped, get the...." I heard the doctors said before the door shut.

"WHAT? JENNIFER NO! JENNIFER NO NO NO, JENNFER!"  I screamed and started to cry, I walked to the nearest wall and banged my hand in the wall, crying my eyes out. "Jennifer..."

"Zayn what is it? ZAYN!" I heard Harry say.

"Sh-she..." I couldn't say the sentence, did she die? I sat on the ground with my head in my hands "Please Jennifer, please don't die.." I said quite, I heard a gasp from the boys, they came to me and tried to comfort me.

"She'll be okey, trust me Zayn" Louis said.

"HER HEART STOPPED, HOW IS SHE GONNA BE OKEY?" I screamed and then I heard the door open, I looked at the doctor who came out, he didn't look happy.

"Please tell me it's good news, Please!" I begged him, he sighed and started to talk.

"Her heart is beating again, but she have lost so much blood that we need a blood translation, we did the surgery done and now all she needs is the blood, but we don't know anyone with bloodtype B, do you? Or should we take blood test to see who has?" 

"Yes yes yes yes do whatever it takes to save her!" I said to him.

"You guys come with me." The doctor walked pass us, we stood up and walked after him.

"It takes only a minute to do this, lets take a blood test on you all and see who has the right blood type." He said to us.

"Okey" we all said back.

after the test we found out that Harry had boodtype B.

"Harry, are you going to do it?" The doctor said looking at Harry.

"Of course, whatever it takes to make her be okey." Harry said and then the doctor and Harry walked to a room for the translation. Me and the other boys walked back to Alicia.

"Harry are doing a blood translation to Jennifer" Liam said when we were back in her room.

"Oh god.." Was all she could say.

"Alicia, you can go back home, only if you're careful, you had better luck than Jennifer and your injures aren't as bad as her, so you can actually go home as soon as you want." A nurse came in and smiled to her, when she saw us her eyes widened.

"That's great! But how's Jennifer?" She asked her.

"Harry are doing the blood translation and hopefully she'll be fine after that." she said still looking at us.  then she walked away with a smile.

15 mins later Alicia and the boys went back home, I waited on the hospital, I will not leave Jennifer.

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