I never thought this would happen.

Jennifer is 18 and was bullied from year 12 to year 16 by her ex boyfriend Damon. Bad things happened and she nearly didn't have anyone, she had one friend, her best friend who never left her side. Her name was Alicia and was bullied because she was with Jennifer. They both moved from where they lived when they were 16, now? Now they're obsessed with one direction and are going to see their consert. But there's some things that happend. Some things ehich is awesome and some which is really bad. Things they never thought would happen.


13. Damon's P.O.V. What actually happened back then?

Damon's P.O.V.


"We have proof that you stabbed and nearly killed Jennifer Lilja and Alicia Keys. What you say can we have against you." The police officer said.

"Aww she didn't die? that's a shame, she dosen't deserve to live, hah" I said with my evil face.

"And why dosen't she deserve to live?" The offier asked me.

"Look at her, you want to puke when you see her!" I said and smiled,

"We'll be talking later, we already now you'll be in jail for 2 years, but you'll also go to a mental hospital to check what's wrong with you." the officer said.

"Can I talk to a friend? alone?" I asked, I had the perfect plan for murder her.

"No, Not until you've been at the hospital" The officer said. 

"FUCK YOU! I WILL KILL HER, SHE WON'T LIVE ANY LONGER!" I screamed to the officer as he walked out of the door. That fucking whore, will not live any longer. I will kill her if that's the last thing I can do. I walked around the room, I had handcuffers and couldn't do anything. I sat down and started to remember why I wanted her to die.




- Flashback 6 years ago (14 years old) - 


"Dude, I'm sorry for what happened to your brother, he didn't deserve to die, but yu know what I've heard?" My best friend David said to me.

"No.. what?" I asked nearly crying for my brother.

"I heard that your girlfriend was the reason he died, that she pu oil in the car and lightened it right after your brother sait in it, Idk how she made it without being hurt but that's what she did." He said.

"SHE FUCKING DID WHAT?" I screamed with tears streaming down my face.

"Dude, calm down" he trried to comfort me.

"THAT SLUT I WILL FUCKING KILL HER THAT IDIOT!" I screamed and ran away trying to find her, I never saw her.


*2 day later*

I went to school and found Jennifer there, she had glasses, maybe if I'll bully her bc of them she'll ask why and I'll tell her....

*2 years after* 

She never said anything about my brother.

"Damon, Stop bully Jennifer, what the hell has she done to you?" Alicia asked me.

"She fucking killed my brother! two years ago!" I said to her angry

"What? no? Your brother got in a car accident, not murdered!" Alicia said trying to calm me down.

"YEAH YA SURE? I DON'T THINK SO! THAT SLUT KILLED HIM! I JUST KNOW THAT!" I screamed and pushed her aside, I walked away from her and in to the boys toilet, I walked to one of the toilets and picked up the knife i've hidden in there, then walked out again.

I walked to her when she were alone and talked to her like I was sorry for what I've done. But then when I said I lied I stabbed her.

"DAMON DAMON DAMON" My friends shouted.

"That's what you get for killing my brother." I said to myself and then walked away.

after that, I've never seen her again. 

- end of flashback - 



"Damon you'll go to the hospital now" the officer said and took me to out of the room, we walked outside and to a car and then went to the hospital.

"What happened 4 years ago to the guy named Dave Manson?" I asked.

"I don't know about that, why?" the officer asked.

"I want to know how my brother died." I said.

"I can fix that for you." The officer said and then pulled in to a parking place.

"Thanks" I said and then we went inside. To see what's wrong with me. 

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