I never thought this would happen.

Jennifer is 18 and was bullied from year 12 to year 16 by her ex boyfriend Damon. Bad things happened and she nearly didn't have anyone, she had one friend, her best friend who never left her side. Her name was Alicia and was bullied because she was with Jennifer. They both moved from where they lived when they were 16, now? Now they're obsessed with one direction and are going to see their consert. But there's some things that happend. Some things ehich is awesome and some which is really bad. Things they never thought would happen.


14. Author's note, won't continue the story

Heyy! I just want to tell you that I won't continue on this story, maybe I'll even delete it,



1. Too many errors and spell-fails

2. When I read it myself I can see how weird the story is

3. I don't have any readers or nearly any favourites/likes.

So yeah, I'll do another story which will be much better story. Thanks for readin and I'll try to make another BETTER story. Have a nice day!

~ ZaynsLittleAngel ~
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