He's Mine

When Lexi's parents pass, she and her brother decide to start a new life in England with there crazy Aunt. Lexi starts at a new collage and makes some great new friends. What wll happen when she falls for one of them? Will it be a happy ending?


11. Sparks

Niall POV-

 I leant my head down towards hers and our lips met. Sparks went through my body like crazy. I swear if the sparks came to life, the house would be on fire. I love this girl, I really do.

Lexi POV-

He leant down and our lips met, I kissed him back. It was a nice kiss. Not exactly a peck, no tongue. I could feel fireworks go through my body. It was just perfect. I could stay in this position forever. Just looking into his eyes. His beautiful blue eyes. We sat there for ages and just talked. It started getting late so Niall had to go home. We said our good byes and he left.

Today was amazing. Just to be with him.

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