He's Mine

When Lexi's parents pass, she and her brother decide to start a new life in England with there crazy Aunt. Lexi starts at a new collage and makes some great new friends. What wll happen when she falls for one of them? Will it be a happy ending?


3. England

After a long plane ride, we finally hopped off the plane and into the airport to find Aunty Alice standing there with bright coloured clothes on so that we would spot her easy. I saw in the corner of my eye to see josh pull a face as if to say -OHMYGOD YOUR KIDDING ME-

"JOSH, LEXI!" She starts yelling, jumping around and waving her hand around in the middle of the airport, I could feel eyes staring at us- great!-

Josh and I quickly walk over to her, when I feel myself squished into a right hug, it was Aunty Alice.
It was a 30 minute drive till we got to Aunty Alice's house. Aunty Alice's house was huge! Her garden was a bit weird, but it looked good and suited her personality perfectly. Aunty Alice never had any kids, which was a shame because I will have to finish my last year at school with no one that I knew, but I guess that would give me a chance to make some friends.

Aunty Alice showed us to our new rooms and WOW we're they big! Not only big but mine had an ensuit and a walk in wardrobe. The walls were painted bright colours with funny patterns but I liked it. After I finished setting up my room and putting my clothes away. I heard someone coming up the stairs toward my bedroom. Aunty Alice walked in and sat in the bed.

"Thank you so much for letting Josh and I stay, it means a lot" I thank her for the hundredth time.
"Any time darls, you know I will always be here if you need anything" she replied. "Anyways, Lexi, I came in here to tell you that I enrolled you in the collage down the road."

"You what? Thank you so much."
"It's a performing art school, I hope you don't mind" she said.
"I love performing arts" I replied with a big hug.
"Well, your starting on Thursday."
"That's in two days!" I say. I wasn't going to be ready at all.
"You will be fine" and with that, she walked out of the room.

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