He's Mine

When Lexi's parents pass, she and her brother decide to start a new life in England with there crazy Aunt. Lexi starts at a new collage and makes some great new friends. What wll happen when she falls for one of them? Will it be a happy ending?


9. Come Early

Niall POV-

I woke up to the bright light shining through my curtains. Then I remembered, I get to see Lexi today. Yay, I was so unbelievably excited. I know, I only met her yesterday but, I think I’m in-love with her. Anyways, I jumped out of bed and jumped in the shower. I took a 10 minute shower a jumped back out. I usually only take a 5 minute shower but I needed to impress. I went down and started to make some pancake since I had plenty of time.

Lexi POV-

I have been ready to go for 15 minutes now and I still had to wait 1 hour till Niall got here. Urghhh I couldn’t wait that long. I can’t wait to hear his thick Irish accent, and see his gorgeous face. Just thinking of him gives me butterflies. So I decided to text him-

To Niall <3 – Hey! Would you be able to come earlier? xx

From Niall <3 – Sure! What time? xx

To Niall <3 – ASAP? xx

From Niall <3 – I will be there in 5 babe xx

To Niall <3 – Okay J xx

As soon as I read ‘babe’ my butterflies got 10 times worse.

“Are you going out hon?” Aunty Alice asked.

“Yeah” I replied said. I could feel myself blush. “Aunty Alice?”

“Yes Darling?”

“I think I had a bad case of butterflies” I laughed, and so did she.

“There nothing bad about butterflies” she said. “I’m heading off to work, I will see you at 6.”

“Okay” I smiled kissing her on the cheek. Aunty Alice walked out the door, as Niall walked in. I assumed Aunty Alice let him in.

“Hello Love” He said standing at the door.  That Irish accent was just so sexy!

“hey” I said giving him a hug. I honestly could stay there all day.

“You ready to go?” he asked. I nodded as a reply and we walked out the door, to his car.

Niall POV-

We got to the small ice cream shop and grabbed an ice cream each.

We spoke for at least an hour before we decided to go back to Lexi’s house to watch a movie.



Hey, Sorry i havent updated in a while. Please leave feed back!! thankyou xox Brooke xox

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