He's Mine

When Lexi's parents pass, she and her brother decide to start a new life in England with there crazy Aunt. Lexi starts at a new collage and makes some great new friends. What wll happen when she falls for one of them? Will it be a happy ending?


5. And Again

Niall POV

OH MY GOD! She was Beautiful! Every single one of her features was perfect. Her long brown hair sat perfectly on her shoulders. Her face was gorgeous. I can’t believe she wanted my help. I think it might be love at first sight. She seems really nice too! I went to walk away when I realised that I didn’t tell her my name. How rude of me.

“My name is Niall by the way” I said

“I’m Lexi” She smiled and walked into the office. Lexi, what a pretty name. It suits her! And that smile! MY GOSH! I turned around and walked towards my first class, Dance.

Lexi POV

Niall was so nice, and cute. I doubt I will ever see him again. I walked into the office and the lady at the office gave me my subjects. I have dance first, YAY! I love dancing. I did dancing back in Australia, but I quit after the passing of my parents.

I walked into another building to find my first class when I ran straight into someone, again. I looked up to see Niall. I had run into him again.

“Sorry” I giggled.

“Your right love” he laughed “What subject do you have first?” he asked.

I looked at my sheet again. I was busy looking at his gorgeous face and I forgot. “Umm, Dance” I smiled.

“Really? Me too” he said. Was it just me or did he sound a little bit excited? He reached over and grabbed my subject list out of my hand.

“Hey” I laughed.

“Were in the same dance class” Niall smiled. At least I kinda new someone in my dance class. “Actually, we have quite a few classes together”.

“Cool” I said.

“Would you like to come to class with me?” he asked.

“Sure” I said. We walked up the stairs towards the class room. On our way up three lots of stairs we spoke about ourselves. I didn’t tell him about my parents. Maybe another time. I found out that he loves food! Especially Nandos (just like me). The more I spoke to him, the more I fell for him.

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