He's Mine

When Lexi's parents pass, she and her brother decide to start a new life in England with there crazy Aunt. Lexi starts at a new collage and makes some great new friends. What wll happen when she falls for one of them? Will it be a happy ending?


1. They What?

Lexi POV

"Ahhhhhhh" I scream. It was just the phone ringing. My brother and I were watching smiley, and I was scared, real scared! I laugh at the thought of me screaming because of the phone ringing. Josh stands up to answer it. Josh and I were at home alone, it was Mum and Dads anniversary, so they went out for dinner.

"Hello" I hear my Brother say on the phone. He continues "yep........yes.....they what?...........oh my god..........thanks" by then I could barely hear his voice. I hope everything's okay. Josh slowly walk back into the room, tears falling from his eyes, thick tears! His eyes are all puffy and red. What could have possibly happened? Who was on the phone? Josh hasn't cried this much since he and his girlfriend broke up.

He looks at me, tears start falling harder and even thicker. I hated seeing Josh like that, he's the best big brother that anyone could ask for.

"Josh, what's wrong?" I ask worryingly.

"Lexi...." He finally mumbled in his hoarse voice. "That was the police".

Suddenly I click, I look at the time, 1:24am, Mum and Dad were due home 3 hours ago. I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. I look at Josh and he continues. "They had an accident"
"They what!?" I said whispering.

"Lexi, they didn't make it" suddenly I feel like I have stabbed in the stomach, even worse, the back. There was no explanation to the way I was feeling. I was just in shock! Then it came to me, never seeing my parents again, never hearing there voices, never seeing them smile, never being able to help mum do her makeup and hair before she goes out, never helping dad with one of his crazy projects in the shed. How was I going to live, they were my life. I let tears fall freely. I was shaking like crazy. Josh and I sat there, all night, on the couch in each others arms, crying.

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