Dreams...That'll Never Come True

No matter how many times I wish in a well, or how many times I pray to the Lord, I will never escape this hell hole. So just leave me and my Dreams...that'll never come true alone so it won't get worse. Because You don't know what I've been through.
(It's my first story so sorry for misspelling word and bad grammar.)


1. Dreams...That'll Never Come True

What do you do when,

the one who...

Broke your heart<3

Is the only one

Who can fix it???

Chapter One: Dreams...That'll Never Come True

Leanna's P.O.V

           I hate people, I hate my family, and I hate myself, well actually... I hate my life! I attempted suicide twice and woke up in the hospital when I thought I was dead. My parents don't care about me, so why do they end up calling an ambulance... wait I know nevermind. My 4 siblings are always locked up in their rooms not bothering to say a word to anyone in our gigantic house. And don't make me start about friends, cause I don't have any!

         Ugh. Nothing is good here in New York. If I had a magical genie who would grant me maybe 10 wished I would first wish to leave the state New York, from the country United States, to another continent besides North America. Maybe for Australia. I've aways wanted to go to Australia. But that is one dream...that'll never come true because there are no such things as genies, god damn! I hate plus about what I've been talking about earlier my parents think of me more than a servant than their own daughter. I'm like Cinderella, my sibling are treated well...(kinda), and I have to work.And you don't want to have my life. I'm as miserable as the Baudelaire Orphans from Lemony Snicket's books.

              So if you think you want my life...as Leanna Parker Xavier...you have a serious problem so go check with you doctor, psychologist, or someone like that okay? Good. But one day at a concert of a group of five good-looking boys. My life changes. But for now Cinderella is here for duty to do a bunch of boring, back-aching chores requested by her parents. Not.




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