Kiss and Tell

Emily just thought she was going to your average One Direction concert.
Emily just thought wrong.

Emily's 18, and when she and her best friend Jenny turn up to a 1D concert to find it's cancelled, they aren't pleased. All too fast, they're sharing a hotel with the boys, and Jenny's changed. Drastically. They discover parites, clubs, drugs and fame. Jenny's going off the rails, hitting headlines for the wrong reasons, though she's not the only one making mistakes. Emily gets pregnant, oblivious to who the father is. Let's just remember not all stories have a happy ending, and where there's love, there's drugs, and where there's drugs, there's guns..


24. The Sleep

Fingers are looped through mine.

Rough hands stroke my face.

"Emi..." A voice doesn't quite reach my ears.

My eyes flutter shut. I feel cold. Really, really cold.

I can see mum. She's sitting beside a trickling river, her fingertips breaking through the calm water. She looks at me, tilting her head, patting the grass beside her. I join her. She's not dead, I knew it. She never was.

"Mum, am I in heaven?"

She strokes my cheek, smiling.

"Why would you be in heaven?" She whispers. She's a lot paler than I remembered, her blonde hair all wavery and white.

" I dead?"

She shuts her eyes, then opens them again, looking up at the wispy clouds above our heads. "Who knows? Who knows where we are? Maybe we're on our way to heaven, maybe we've not quite made it yet."

Her thin blue eyes watch me for a while. "What about the baby?" I look down at my stomach. It's flat. No bump.

"What baby?" She studies me carefully.

"The baby! I'm supposed to be pregnant!"

She holds my hand, brushing her finger along my knuckles. "Congratulations."

"What happened to you, mum? Where did you go?"

Sadness glazes over her eyes. "I died, don't you know?"

"You're DEAD!?! So, am I dead too?!"

She knots her eybrows.

"Maybe we've always been dead, it's just taken us too long to realise it."

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