Kiss and Tell

Emily just thought she was going to your average One Direction concert.
Emily just thought wrong.

Emily's 18, and when she and her best friend Jenny turn up to a 1D concert to find it's cancelled, they aren't pleased. All too fast, they're sharing a hotel with the boys, and Jenny's changed. Drastically. They discover parites, clubs, drugs and fame. Jenny's going off the rails, hitting headlines for the wrong reasons, though she's not the only one making mistakes. Emily gets pregnant, oblivious to who the father is. Let's just remember not all stories have a happy ending, and where there's love, there's drugs, and where there's drugs, there's guns..


17. The Reveal

So. Turns out Jenny's been saying a lot while I'm away.

I lean across the bar table, a pound coin dancing between my index finger and thumb.

The young bar maid fills a glass with frothing diet coke and places it down on the wooden table. I slide my pound across, and nod my thanks, taking the glass and turning away to a small sofa.

Yes, back to Jenny.

So, turns out I'm a prostitute.

Turns out I bullied a kid into suicide.

Turns out I slept with Niall because I just wanted to "add him to my list, and tell reporters about it".

Well, Jenny. They all believed you.

Emily the prostitute, Emily the bully, Emily the slut.


I sip my coke, bubbles tickling my nostrils. Just for the record, I'm not a prostitute, or a bully, or even a slut. But, I think Jenny might be all of those.

That bitch must die. In a hole. Of fire.


Their eyes are pressing into the back of my head. I can feel it.

"Hey guys," I say, sitting myself down on a lounge chair opposite the boys, and Jenny. The latest football match is rolling on the screen, and Jenny pretends to be endorsed in it. Any chance to ignore me. The boys, on the other hand, are just staring. Niall bites his lip, looking down at his feet. Zayn glowers at me. Liam just gulps. Louis looks disappointed. Harry looks sorry for me. Louis speaks first.

"I guess, we shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, eh Emily?" His voice is thick with disapproval. I don't answer. These rumours.

"There's a lot we didn't know about you," Zayn spits, flexing his hands. Jenny smiles maliciously.

"Jenny," I start, through bared teeth. "I think there's something you need to say to the boys."

She raises an eyebrow. "Really?" She laughs, twirling her cherry red hair round the tip of her finger. Her blue eyes bore into me.

"Jenny. Tell them," I growl.

She pushes me for more. I can't take it.

"TELL THEM IT'S ALL LIES!" I burst, tearing my hands through my hair. "THAT I'M NOT ANY OF THE THINGS YOU SAID I WAS!" Tears roll from my eyes, but I don't wipe them away. She's won this time.

Harry's eyes flick up. He presses his lips together, pushing himself up from the sofa. I feel his warm hand gripping mine, pulling me away. Out of the room, out the door, to a long stretching empty corridoor.

"Emily, what's going on?" He whispers, running his hand through lazy curls.

I break into his arms, crying like a god damned baby.

"Tell me," he says. I can't look him in the eye.

"Jenny is making lies. Bloody lies! I'm pregnant Harry. With Niall, we used protection! I'm pregnant with an Irish prick!"

He looks at me hard, shaking his head.

"We didn't..." He says to me. I look at him this time.

"We didn't what?"

"We didn't use protection.."

"Harry, I've never slept with you."

He shakes his head.

"We were drunk," he tells me. "You must've forgotten. Damn, I was wrong, I should never have done it."

Wait, what?!


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