Kiss and Tell

Emily just thought she was going to your average One Direction concert.
Emily just thought wrong.

Emily's 18, and when she and her best friend Jenny turn up to a 1D concert to find it's cancelled, they aren't pleased. All too fast, they're sharing a hotel with the boys, and Jenny's changed. Drastically. They discover parites, clubs, drugs and fame. Jenny's going off the rails, hitting headlines for the wrong reasons, though she's not the only one making mistakes. Emily gets pregnant, oblivious to who the father is. Let's just remember not all stories have a happy ending, and where there's love, there's drugs, and where there's drugs, there's guns..


29. The Recreation


"See, I don't know if I should use extensions or not," An orange, blonde haired face stabs her manicured fingers through my short hair.

Another girl, also oranges scrunches up her nose, studying my head from the back.

"We could work with what we've got. Pixie-crops are a big thing now. We could go down the 'Frankie' route with this, maybe some extensions round the front, then a trim round the back."

"I get where you're going," The first oompaloompa says.

I don't.

"What else. These bags," A curved fingernail taps just under my eye. "Need to go. Nothing botox can't fix."

"Botox?" The word flies out my mouth before I can catch it. Both girls smile at me. The blonde one tilts her head.

"It's like an injection. Doesn't really last forever. Everyone gets it these days," she says soothingly. "I'm Emma, by the way. This is Darcine." She points to her black haired friend who waves her straight fingers. "I suppose you understand what's happening today."

Yep. I understand that you're going take all my self respect and turn it into fake orange trash.

"Pretty much," I chirp.

"Great. Well personally I want to work on the face first. Botox, eyebrows- ooh, eyebrows could do with some tinting, in fact, eyelashes too, tint everything! Lips could be bigger maybe-"

"Emma wait. It's Emma right?" I have to say this. I've got to. "I don't want botox. I don't want big lips and boobs and a perfect fake face. I want to be me."

Emma and Darcine laugh.

"Okay darling, we understand. We are professionals remember. The best the business has to offer. Not to brag, but Taylor Swift flew from LA to here just to get done up for the BRITS," Darcine drawls.

The door flings open, and a black haired man steels our glances.

"Zed Edwards," he says, flicking an ID card our way. "Emily? I'm here on request to, how do I put it...recreate you."

Darcine steps forward in her skin tight leggings. "No that's quite alright, we-"

He waves her off. "Follow me if you will."

In depths of confusion, I get up, pathetically following this new guy out the door.


Zed holds the mirror up after hours of work.

"Well?" He grins, flashing  overly-whitened teeth at me.

That is not the same Emily staring back at me.

My beach-blonde badly cut hair now curves round my face in sandy strands. Peachy coloured lips pucker back at me. Orangey blusher accentuates my cheekbones. Big and beautiful crystal blue eyes flutter under mascara and eyeliner. I don't look fake. I look naturally beautiful. This is the Emily I should be. Zed has turned me into something wonderful.

"Perfect," I whisper, brushing my cheek with my fingertip just to check it's all real. The full length mirror shows a tall, slender girl. I've never loved myself more. For once, I'm not jealous of Jenny.

In fact, I can't wait to show her what I've become.

And for some reason, I can't shake the feeling that I want to show Harry more than anyone.


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