Kiss and Tell

Emily just thought she was going to your average One Direction concert.
Emily just thought wrong.

Emily's 18, and when she and her best friend Jenny turn up to a 1D concert to find it's cancelled, they aren't pleased. All too fast, they're sharing a hotel with the boys, and Jenny's changed. Drastically. They discover parites, clubs, drugs and fame. Jenny's going off the rails, hitting headlines for the wrong reasons, though she's not the only one making mistakes. Emily gets pregnant, oblivious to who the father is. Let's just remember not all stories have a happy ending, and where there's love, there's drugs, and where there's drugs, there's guns..


13. The Move


I don't think I have the actual guts to tell dad I'm pregnant. I mean, he's the sweetest guy in the whole world, and the last thing he wants is some slutty 18 and pregnant daughter. But I can't exactly hide it, and I don't think the morning after pill works after two months. Damn. I rub my temples with firm fingers and sigh, resting my chin on my curled knees. Nothing good ever comes from anything.

"Hey dad, I just got pregnant accidently with some international superstar!"

Yeah, not gonna happen. Wait...Niall used protection? I vaguely remember it through the alcohol, and I'm pretty sure he used protection! Unless...

No. No more stupid thoughts okay. I mean, it can not be possible that I slept with one of the other guys while not knowing? That would just be...stupid. But I was drunk and forgot most of what happened that night anyway. What have I even become? Getting drunk, sleeping with people, getting pregnant. I'm not proud of myself, let me tell you that. I flop onto my side on my hard bed, and look at the ceiling, sighing. If only One Direction had performed, none of this would have happened in the first place. A knock rattles the door in it's frame.

"Sweetie, are you awake?" Dad's voice is silky through the gap in the doorway.

"Sure, come in paps," I reply, pulling the duvet under my chin. The door slides open, light sprinkling through for a minute before it's closed out again. Dad sits on the end of the bed, hands on his knees, looking at the empty walls. He cocks his head.

"This used to be a beautiful room."

He looks at me after a while. "We're moving next week, Emily. To Manchester. I've found this apartment which I can just manage to pay for, even without a job, and I've also been offered one."

"Dad that's...amazing!" I say, smiling. It really is.

"Yeah, well, I can't pay for both of us to stay.." He sighs. What, so now I'm gonna be kicked out, living on the streets? Great, thanks dad. "I've sorted some stuff out, and that Neil guy, from your little boy band, has offered to pay for you to stay for a while with them at the hotel, so it's a done deal!" He brushes his hands together.

Hooolllddd upp. Sorry but what?! I don't even care that he got his bloody name wrong. I care that I'm going back to where I've just run away from. "You what?!"

Dad beams like it's the greatest thing ever, which, excuse me, it's not. "Pack your bags Emily, because we're off to Manchester!" He grabs my cheeks between his warm sweaty palms and kisses my forehead. I squeeze my eyes shut, praying for it all to go away. To erase the past. But that's impossible. He dances out the room chanting: "Manchester, we love you! Manchester, here we come!" I roll onto my side, and don't bother shutting the door he left open, letting myself fall asleep in the light of the corridor.

I'm going back to live with my nightmare.

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