Kiss and Tell

Emily just thought she was going to your average One Direction concert.
Emily just thought wrong.

Emily's 18, and when she and her best friend Jenny turn up to a 1D concert to find it's cancelled, they aren't pleased. All too fast, they're sharing a hotel with the boys, and Jenny's changed. Drastically. They discover parites, clubs, drugs and fame. Jenny's going off the rails, hitting headlines for the wrong reasons, though she's not the only one making mistakes. Emily gets pregnant, oblivious to who the father is. Let's just remember not all stories have a happy ending, and where there's love, there's drugs, and where there's drugs, there's guns..


7. The Invitation

"Emily, wake up!" Jenny calls from the dressing table. I squeeze my eyes tighter shut. "Emily, waaakee upp! It's half eleven, jeez, get up you lazy faggot!" She tosses a pillow at my head, but I still pretend to sleep. Mostly because I don't want her to see me like this. Mostly because I'm crying.

Yes, I am crying about the little scene last night. Jenny snapping my necklace. The fallout. Me punching her in the bloody face. There's still dry blood under her nose. It breaks my heart to see our friendship break like the little beads that were scattered across the floor. I wipe stingy tears from my cheeks, and push the duvet away, giving in to Jenny's moans.

"Fine, I'm awake. Happy?"

She looks at me blankly, then at her reflection in the mirror. In a flash, the silver glass is shattered, Jen's fist hanging where the mirror used to be. She's crying I'm guessing, as her shoulders keep shaking. "I," she whispers. "I was such a bitch."

"Yes. Yes you were."

"Emily, please forgive me."

"Why should I?" I blurt. "Jen..."

"No, Em', I was a complete utter bitch. So I stayed up last night to fix your dumb necklace," She smiles lazily, and holds up a deformed gold chain, with a gold heart that's been jigsawed together threaded on. I burst into tears and hug her.

"You're the best friend ever," I muffle into her shoulder. "It's okay, you're forgiven."

We pull away and I take the necklace from her fingers and fasten it round my neck. "I like it better this way anyway. It looked too expensive and posh before. This has come from a true heart, from a true friend."

Have we really just forgiven and forgot that quickly? I wipe my forehead, not believing it.

"So we're okay?" She says hesitantly. I nod.

"We're okay."


It's true. Zayn and Jenny really are a thing now. We're in town, and their hands are entwined. I think Niall notices my burning jealousy, because he slips his hand into mine, and it fits just right, like two pieces have just been put together. I should pull away, but I don't. I like the warmth of his sweat, and softness of his skin. I don't dare look at him though, because I might just fall a part and die with toomuchNiallamonia or something like that. Louis wolf whistles.

"Ooh, get you, the latest couple are you?" He smiles and nudges Niall, who blushes.

Jenny's head flicks round, and she grimaces at Niall and I's hands mangled together. She bites her lip, and takes a deep breath. But I try not to let it bug me because me and Jenny are okay now, right? Right?

Niall leans into my shoulder.

"She's jealous," he whispers, smirking. "Let's make it worse."

I nod, and in seconds, our lips are together, Niall's hands circling the small of my back, my arms strapped round his neck. This kiss isn't a slug kiss. This kiss is a good kiss. And I don't even mind that Niall drags it on a little bit too long that it ends up looking like a big fat PDA. In fact, I just press harder into him. Finally we pull away, and look into each others eyes.

"Hey, Emily," He whispers.


"It's Valentines day tomorrow."

"Yeah I know."

"And I want you to be my date for the Valentines Ball."

That's when I die and fall into a pool of One-Direction over dose right there on the pavement. Mostly because I've just been invited to be Niall Horan's date at the Valentines Ball.


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