A Bad Lucky Day~One Direction Love Story~

A story about two girls named Stehanie (Steph) and Ebbony that decide move to London but what happens when you leave the door unlocked and robbers come in and Niall and Harry rescued those two girls.New house.New life.....Maybe even new love..?


21. The Right Thing To Do

Harry's pov. 
   After I had ran out of Perrie and Zayn's house I came to the park to have air and just think about the words Steph told me ' I'm pregnant.' I saw all these kids running around, and just thought. I know I'm not ready to be a father but I have to take responsibilities for my actions... -sigh- I decided to text Steph..she replied quick but, right after our conversation was over my phone rang again. I checked to see who it was, and I saw it was a text from Ebbz. Oh how I miss her. the text read;

  Ebbz; Hey, we need to talk about 'us' ... 

 Harry; Alright, let me just take care of something and I'll be over there. xx

  I put my phone away and saw Stephanie coming on her way. She wasn't so tall, but neither was she short she was a cute fun size. I walked over to her and gave a her a HUGE bear hug. 'Uh, Harry?' she asked bewildered. I pulled away and looked to the floor. 'Erm, sorry. It's just I've been thinking, that I made the wrong decision and that I should stay with you through the whole pregnancy? and support you.' I said. 'Harry...Are you sure that's the right thing you want to do, yah know taking full..well just responsibility of this kid, I mean I know you wont always have the chance to be here with me.' she looked at the ground. I cupped her cheeks 'Yes, we- well I decided to have sex with you while you were drunk...By the way I'm sorry." she looked into my eyes, grabbed my hand and put it over her stomach. "it's fine at least now I know the baby's going to have both it's parents." she smiled looking into my eyes, her eyes looking a bit watery. "Well, I got to go love I'll see you around, eh?' She nodded.

   I started making my way to back to Zayn and Perrie's house where Ebbony was staying at the moment. I knocked and the door swung open in about 6 seconds. there standing was Ebbony puffy red eyed, she looked so horrible like she'd been crying for days. "erm," I started off saying. "you wanted to talk?" she nodded quickly grabbed my hand pulling me close to her  and planted a passionate kiss. I pulled away quickly, don't get me wrong I liked it but I came for this 'talk' not a make out session. I looked her straight in the eyes "What is it?" I saw more tears stream down her rosey cheeks. "Harry, I miss you and I can't believe you did that to me!" she slapped the shit out of me. I guess I deserved that..I put my hand up to my now red cheek. "I'm sorry but, I just really needed to get it in and you're young I didn't want to make a mess upon your innocence.." she crossed her arms. "You could've showed me the ropes." "what if Steph found out, she would've killed me." she shook her head. "Well, I'm old enough to do what ever the fuck I want!" she screamed stomping up to one of the rooms, I followed and saw that she had stopped in her tracks. "What is it?" she started laughing. "Zayn and Perrie are getting it on..." I laughed a tad loud because next thing you new we stopped hearing Perrie moan.we ran back downstairs. "Harry," she started off saying ."Promise you won't ever cheat on me." she looked so broken. "I promise." I said giving her a peck on the lips

Ebbony's pov.

  Well, by the end of da me and Harry made up. I know this wasn't a mistake. I honestly really love him, and not because he's in this BIG boy band. He's just really special to me. "Harry can I ask you something. he nodded. "Are you going to marry Steph or like dump me for her?" he looked directly at me with a serious face. "No, I'm going to help with the baby that's all, I have no serious feelings for her." I half smiles. "Oh, okay, it's just Niall has been sad ever since she left him.." he looked away knowing that the reason for their separation was his fault. "Baby I know what your thinking..everything will be fine, I'll talk to him."

  I got up from the couch so I could find Niall. "NIALL?" I know he came back here because I heard the door shut. Unless, he was making his wake back out or maybe he sneaked out. Oh dear...This is going to be hard.




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