A Bad Lucky Day~One Direction Love Story~

A story about two girls named Stehanie (Steph) and Ebbony that decide move to London but what happens when you leave the door unlocked and robbers come in and Niall and Harry rescued those two girls.New house.New life.....Maybe even new love..?


6. The Ride back Home

Steph's pov.
I was gently set down at the edge of a car.i was so terrified I had
gotten raped , raped! Next thing I felt two arms around me. I jumped.
"Hey you're safe with us now." I knew I recognized the guys voice but I
couldn't see his face clearly...somehow I felt safe with him I dug my face
into his chest and fell asleep.
"Hey...." I told the girl with brown curly hair(Ebbony)"Hey Harry" she replied
looking down at the ground."I'm sorry about your cousin...or sister...and I'm
guessing your a fan?" "Yah I'm so stupid for letting the flipping door open....
and YES Harol- I mean Harry , Yes WE are...and by the way I'm Ebbony and
her name is Stephanie but she prefers being called Steph." We both smiled
at each other...And let's just say we talked throughout the WHOLE car ride
an got to know each other.
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