A Bad Lucky Day~One Direction Love Story~

A story about two girls named Stehanie (Steph) and Ebbony that decide move to London but what happens when you leave the door unlocked and robbers come in and Niall and Harry rescued those two girls.New house.New life.....Maybe even new love..?


5. The Rescue

Harry's pov.
I was awoken by what seemed girls screaming. Since Niall was sleeping over my flat
I slapped his forehead lightly. "Niall wakey wakey sleepy head!!" "Da fuck Harold?!!"
"By any chance did you hear screaming?" "Uhh..no" We were curious so we peeked out the window an it seemed like two guys were forcing two girls into a black van. "C'mon Niall we
can't let this happen!" We quickly got dressed ran out the door and into the car. They had
driven a little ahead of us . We tried not to make it obvious they had stopped near a cabin.
"Okay Niall this is what we're going to do."
~~~~Narry plan~~~~
"Okay let's go Hazz!!" Niall whisper shouted. Once we quietly got inside we saw the
most terrifying thing one of the guys was raping the girl with red curly hair (Steph)
and the other girl was strapped down to a chair.That's what got me and Niall pissed
we kicked the guys asses and I lend the red curly haired girl my sweater. "C'mon
girls were here to save you." I had gently ripped off the girl with brown really curly
hair(Ebbony) tape from her hands. Therefore, we carried both girls to my car.
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