A Bad Lucky Day~One Direction Love Story~

A story about two girls named Stehanie (Steph) and Ebbony that decide move to London but what happens when you leave the door unlocked and robbers come in and Niall and Harry rescued those two girls.New house.New life.....Maybe even new love..?


14. Some Bonding Time

Ebbony's pov.

  Once Harry stopped texting me I got beyond bored "NIALLER!" Niall came running in my room. "Yeah , What's up love?" I smirked and said "Want to go to NANDOS?" He quickly nodded his head and we went skipping and giggling off to Nandos. All of a sudden Niall started singing"I love you , you love me I might love you a bit more than meh Nandosssss!!" "Niall shush people are staring!" I giggled. "I'm sorry Ebbz it's just gah! I'm hungry." We made it to NANDOS and he dashed inside.i caught up to to him "Woah! I need to workout.." Niall sat at the far corner booth. We ordered and ate. "So Niall, Seems like you were sooooo damn comfty sleeping next to Steph." I smiled wide. "Well , Uh I kind of....Shes BEAUTIFUL okay! I can't help myself!" Niall blushed a deep red. 

Niall's pov.

"Ebbz when do you think Harry will actually find Steph...?" I said with a worried voice. "Dont worry Nialler he'll find her soon,I'm sure of it." She said smiling ,but she had a worried look. "Uh...Can I say something?" "Sure Niall." She said looking away. "What if he did find her...and you know since she's older than you , she will give him something you can't?" She looked at me in surprise. "NIALL HE WOULD NVER DO THAT!" "You don't know him" Ebbz got up. "I HATE YOU." And in just a blink she was gone. I mumbled to myself "I'm sorry but we both know it's true." A tear slipped down my cheeks. If Steph and Harry do fuck it's going to hurt ME and EBBONY. 

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