A Bad Lucky Day~One Direction Love Story~

A story about two girls named Stehanie (Steph) and Ebbony that decide move to London but what happens when you leave the door unlocked and robbers come in and Niall and Harry rescued those two girls.New house.New life.....Maybe even new love..?


19. It's Positive

(A Month Later) 

Steph's pov. 

  Everybody was drinking except me. I promised not to! I started eating a cookie that was on my plate. Then I felt the urge to puke. I ran to the bathroom. Put my head over the toilet and started gagging. Then Perrie came dashing in. "Move aside love , all the beer is coming out. She threw up aswell and I held her hair. "Steph? Why did you throw up you didn't even drink?" She looked at me conserned. 

  "Maybe ,food poisoning...I dunno?" I looked over at her.

  "You didn't have sex with anyone have you?" She asked me. 

  "Well...uhhhh yes I have." This can not be happening to me! 

  "Babe, we have to get you a test...want me to get it?" 

  "No Perr it's fine I'll go." I got up and helped her up aswell.

  "Okay,good luck!" I walked out of the house and went to the store.

Perrie's pov.

  Wow I feel bad for Steph I mean she's only 17...if she is pregnant I want to know who the baby daddy is and kick his ass! Zayn came inside the bathroom to check if I was okay. "Where's Steph?" "She went to the store to grab some Munchies she'll be back!" He smiled and leaned in , but I backed away "need to brush my teeth , now shoo!" I swayed my hand motioning him to get out. Then I heard a knock.


 I opened it to see Steph standing there I let her come in. "Perrie I don't think I can do this!" You can tell she was scared. "Steph You've got to take it!" I walked out and have her the space she needed. Then in 20 minutes she came out sobbing. Ooooo I'm chopping the guys nuts off!!! She came up to me and whispered 'it's positive.' I hugged her tight. 

Steph's pov. 

  It was just one night! Why is this happening to me?!! How am I going to tell Harry...How am I going to say I'm having HIS bloody child. I'm not going to blame the kid , I mean WE made the stupid chose! Ugh my life is now ruined! Just when Perrie was conforting me Harry came. I looked up with my red puffy eyes. "Perrie can you give me a sec with Harry?" "Sure love,call me if you need anything." I nodded. "Harry..."

  "Yeah?" He looked staight into my eyes. "There is no easy way to say this but...I-I I'm pregnant." His eyes widened. "WHUT?!!!THIS CAN'T-NO!" I looked at the ground. "I'm sorry!" He got his stuff together."This is where I say goodbye!" "Harry NO WHAT ABOUT EBBONY?!" I yelled getting angry because I didn't care whether he left me or not I cared about him leaving Ebbz. "I CAN'T DO THIS NOT WHEN YOU GOING TO HAVE MY BAB- My child." He was careful w ought to whisper the last thing. Them he stomped out the door.

Ebbony's pov. 

  Why were Harry and Steph fighting I could've sworn I heard baby...I dunno maybe I'm going crazy. I needed to know what happened then I saw Harry leave the flat. He seemed really angry. I went to the bathroom where I saw Steph sobbing and I bent down. "Oh My God! Steph are you okay?" I wiped away her tears. "I'm fine." Dani , Liam , Perrie , Zayn , Louis & Eleanor were all standing around worried about the situation. Then Zayn looked at Perrie "Babe what happened?" She whispered something in his ear and he gasped. Then I looked at the trash can and there was  a test. It was all clear to me. I got up and ran crying to my room. 

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