A Bad Lucky Day~One Direction Love Story~

A story about two girls named Stehanie (Steph) and Ebbony that decide move to London but what happens when you leave the door unlocked and robbers come in and Niall and Harry rescued those two girls.New house.New life.....Maybe even new love..?


23. Is This Real

*******At The Doctors*******

Steph pov.

I was at the hospital. Scared to my freaking mind! Sometimes I still can't believe I'm pregnant by Harry... I mean, he's out of my league.. handsome, loving, caring-ish, and what a gentlemen he is. Niall, he's EVERYTHING to me now. Yes, I've been such a bitch to him, but I care so much about him.. I just, I want the best for him

I sigh

"ughhhh! I just want this to be done with" I say in irritation, as I am not so patient with these kind of things.

"Steph, calm down.. the doctors will call out for you soon. I have questions for you anyways.." Jesus (my brother) says waiting like a patient mofo.

"ummmmm... go right ahead?" I say in total confusion.

"Why? Why did you have s...e...x with erm, Harry is it?" he asks.

"Yes, it's Harry and because I was a mess that day.. I guess you can say I know what I was doing at some points knowing I really love Harry for who he is, but at some points I just lost it.." I respond to his question.

"STEPHANIE xxxxxx" the doctors call out my name saving me from hell. (his questions)

A/N :

sorry about the late post. I've been busy. Not knowing if I should keep posting...???

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