Seriously.. Why?!

This is a book about things I do not understand, things in this world that I find dumb and I think..

Seriously.. Why?!

If you're in for a laugh or want to know if you and someone else have the same annoyances, then read below!


8. Plagiarism

I hate when people steal other people's work and claim it as their own. 

*Cough Cough* Just for an example: A young author posts a fan fiction online hoping people will like it and will enjoy it for a fun read. A few weeks later when the story is finally being noticed by others, she types in the title of her story on Google and finds about three people who had put her story on different websites and are claiming it as their own. What is even worse, they show up at the top of the list on Google, above hers. (Hers is on the second page of Google, and let's be honest, no one looks on the second page of Google.) 

The author clicks on the stolen stories and sees that they have thousands of views and hundreds of comments. Comments like "This is such an original story! It is sooo unique! You are a great writer. Post again soon." and then the person who stole the story comments back like "Thanks so much! I will." 

There are the occasional comments on the stolen stories like "You stole this story. Here is the original: *link here*." Which makes the actual author feel a lot better, and the people who post those comments are amazing. But, sadly, those nice comments are drowned out by the hundreds of "This story is so unique!" comments.

And then when the author posts a comment on the story asking if the person who stole it could take it down, the author is then blocked and her comment is deleted. The author then has to create a fake account and report the story. Sometimes this works and the website will take down the stolen story, other times, it does not and the author has to continue to watch as other people take credit for her hard work. *Cough Cough* (Whew, that was a long cough)

Are people forgetting that it is literally ILLEGAL to steal other people's work, even if it's online? I know it's so easy to do, with those awesome 'Copy' and 'Paste' buttons, but come on people. Don't you feel guilty at all? Do none of you realize how hard people work on their stories for their readers? Do people really think that if you haven't met a person in real life, it must mean they don't have feelings? Do people think that hiding behind their computer screens means they can do whatever they want and that they are not responsible for their actions?

There are some amazing people, however, who ask the author's permission if they can share the author's stories on other websites. People who give the author credit. And those people are the greatest. And to those people, I say thank you. Anyone who has ever gotten a piece of work stolen from them say thank you. You guys are the best. 

Thank you:)


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