~~Sequel to 'True Loves Kiss'~~

Years has past and Katie has moved on. But can she fix the unfixable?


3. Another World

Katies POV

Its been years since the incident. The breese blew back my stray hair and I dropped to my knees, watching Harry sprint down the street and into an alleyway. Snippets of the horrid memory flashed into my mind. I shook my head vigerously as the tears streamed down my face. I felt a warm hand on my shoulder reminding me of the first day I met Harry. What had happened to us? I turned my head around and was guided back to our car by my boyfriend.

"Who I love so much, more than anything," I whispered so quietly not even in dead silence could anyone hear me, reminding myself. Snowflakes landed on my pink nose and I didn't bother wiping them away, like the tears on my cheeks. I needed to be reminded once in a while of the terrible day. Where hell practically broke loose.

"Oh babe I'm so sorry. Do you want to go back home? I don't mind." He offered. I took in a deep breath and I could tell by the look of his face that he knew I wasn't fully over Harry.

"No hun, its your birthday! This just hasn't been the best start. Lets just rewind and pretend nothing happened, alright?" I suggests, finally wiping my tears away with my soft mittens. He hugged me tighter and gave me a kiss on my nose.

"I love you so much and spending time with you everyday is better than anything a birthday can give. Lets just blow off this joint and go home, snuggle on the couch, I'll make pancakes? How does that sound?" I squeezed him tighter. He gave me one of his million dollar smiles and we made our way back to the car.

"Back so soon?" The driver asked. I looked up at the driver, still wrapping my boyfriend in a hug.

"We disided against going here. If you could take us back to the flat, that would be great, Tom," I told the driver. He nodded with a smile and opened the door for us to slip into the car.


I was laughing histerically as he tickled my sides, sprinting down the hall.

"Stop... S-s-s-top!" I sputtered through laughs. Our smiles were glued on our faces as we raced down the hall.

"Gimme a kiss and I'll think about it," He replied, cheekily. I pouted, jokingly and placed my lips on his cheek quickly. We exchanged fake grumpy faces, crinkling our foreheads and pouting our lips. A few seconds later and we broke out laughing. I slipped the key into the door and we bolted inside giggling like we were children. I started making the pancakes after taking off our layers of warm clothes.

He slipped his arms under my armpits and I clapsed my hands behind my back and we started making our pancakes. Him being my arms, we stumbled around the kitchen, there not being one second without laughter spilling out off our lips.

He gripped the spatula in one hand and screamed, "ONE KRABBY PATTY COMING UP," and flung the pancake high in the air. I shriek in laugher as it landed ontop of my head. I shook it off my head and it landed with a splat on the ground. He was bent over, laughing so hard it was silent and clapping that he looked like a seal.

"I'm so glad we came back instead of went to the resturant. This is the best birthday I've ever had, sweetie." He took a long stride towards me, "and its all because of you," he said quietly, placeing his lips on mine.

"And its only going to get better," I whispered, with a grin on my face.










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