Frenemies Forever: The Miss Rulebreaker


3. 3

I'm so shocked today! The doctors told my mom that she was having another BABY. Which was weird because i'm so old and my little sister will be SO young. I just jumped in on mom's car and drived home. Well, maybe NOT. I went home with my old rusty bicycle. My Grandma Beady bought it when i was thirteen. I flopped on my bed and writing stories. But I ended up drawing. Just then my eyes got sore and I started crying. REALLY, REALLY BAD!!! Then I noticed a BOWL of ONIONS sitting on my lap. I opened my window and throw it out. Just then a jogging lady was hit by the bowl and cried ON the sidewalk. I quickly shut down my window and THANK goodness it didn't break! My BFFS and of course, JACKSON went to hang out in the mall. I guess they were pretty excited because when I called them all, five seconds later they were at my doorstep. We went to a diner and i ordered a salad. I'm not keeping fit or anything, i'm just not that hungry yet. Of course, My frenemie's boyfriends started laughing out loud and playing with food. OMG!! I guess they needed tissues to wipe the extra mayonnaise on their shirts and faces!!! I started asking and screaming to the waiter to give us some more tissues. The waiter started dripping water on the floor. I told Ebony, Courtney, Anna, and Candy to tell their boyfriends to meet me at my yard tomorrow. They'll learn a lesson that they will never forget!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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