Frenemies Forever: The Miss Rulebreaker


2. 2

GRRRRR!!! I'm so mad at Kate i could just....................................RIP OUT HER DRESS!!!! i was in my locker adding a layer of my favorite lip-gloss when the school principal walked up to the hall. "Ladies and others, i'm here to announce that the school will be hosting a SKATING PROJECT in December 19, our school will be giving out costumes at the back of the school, which BTW, is the backgate. please come here if you want to join. Your winter break will be at...............December 4. And if you already signed in, please notice that YOU CAN'T erase your signature that is the rule." I stood there in shock that my lip-gloss fell on the floor. Kate and her phony friends surrounded me. "LOSER DANGER!! you're just a little mosquito who has been slapped dead with my own bare hands! I'm going to complete my task and i'll ask YOU to join the Winter Princess and let's see who just won and got the free ticket to Malaysia and Japan!" Kate said. I put my hands on my hips and looked at each of them. "Very well. i learned skating since i was nine years old! losers!" And it's the truth. I mean who do they think i was? A loser? i'm the most popular student in school!!!! 

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