Frenemies Forever: The Miss Rulebreaker


1. 1

"OMG!!!! those lip-gloss are sooo.......BOOTY!!" I said. This cold winter, We'll do nothing but relax and get mani/pedi. I'm hanging out with my Frenemies in the mall. Ebony was searching for a pair of binoculars for her adventure in Niagra Falls,  Candy was buying a rainbow colored lollipop, Anna was reading a dictionary, Courtney was buying a new cheerleader outfit and i was in the makeup center looking for lip-gloss and chic perfume. i found a stack of lip-gloss and lip-sticks on the aisle. My friends finally returned. When I saw my favorite lip-gloss, Ice Cream Fiasco, my eyes turned. I saw Kate and her phony little friends coming to our direction. Since they were heading here, i knew they'll look for lip-gloss. And i knew what lip-gloss flavour they love. I took out the Berry-Cherry, Strawberry shortcake, Music Rose, Sunny-side-up, Hello Mello, Marshmallows n' cream lip-gloss. i placed them rapidly on a green basket and hid them under the counter desk. I got my favorite, Strawberry bubblegum. Kate catched me. i just ran away. :

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