I got adopted with Ellen's help.

13 year old Arianna has never had a family. She won tickets to go to Ellen and do a interveiw with her for the orphanage. A certain british/irish see it and they adopt her.If you want to follow her journey then read this story.


5. Sick....

'Daddy! I don't feel good.' I complained to Louis since he was the closest.

'What is the matter honey?' Louis asked feeling my head to make sure I was alright.

'My head hurts, I can't breath out of my nose, and my tummy hurts.' I said started to cry. Louis came over to comfort me and laying down next to me, then Niall laying down, then Zayn, Liam. They were all comforting me.

'Well you do have a fever and it looks like you have a sore throat. Take this, i will help you feel a lot better.' Liam said handing my a pill. I took the pill and layed down on Harry's bare chest starting to fall asleep. All I remember before drifting off to a deep slumber is they started singing 'Summer Love' of the new album.

I wake up in Justin's arms some how he is really comfy, and soft. I slip out of Justin's arms going down stairs, on the couch is Liam. Snogging. Jess. From. Little.Mix. I knew they were going to get togher sooner or later.

'JESS!' I scream breaking them apart and jumping in between them and huggin Jess.

'Hey, Kiddo! You just had to ruin that didn't you?' she said with a little smile

'Yeah' I started rolling on the floor laughing. 'Where is Niall I want to spend time with him?'

'He is in his room.' Liam said I nodded and ran up and knocked and I heard him say come in so I did. I see him laying on his bed looking sad.

'Why so sad bad Lepricon?' i said snuggling up on his chest

'I miss you. I want to spend time with you.' he said having a little tear roll down his cheek. I wipe it away before it runs of and onto the bed

'I know that is why we are spending the day togther. You and me nobody else.' i said hugging him

'I love you.' he kissed me on the temple 'I love you too.' I kissed him where he kissed me.

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