I got adopted with Ellen's help.

13 year old Arianna has never had a family. She won tickets to go to Ellen and do a interveiw with her for the orphanage. A certain british/irish see it and they adopt her.If you want to follow her journey then read this story.


3. Shopping...not.

Louis's Pov.

Today is the first day that we get to spend the day with our new daugter. Arianna still has the multicolor hiar and needs new clothes. She said she likes the hair, so do we. So today we are going to the mall to get new clothes for her. I think she would be cute in purple and blue and little green. I remember last night Niall and Arianna fell asleep on each other. That was so cute, I wonder how Ari will take it all in that she is going to be famous. Niall slept with Ari last night 'cause we want her to see her room today. Her bedroom looks like this.....  http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=68964453    We had people put it up while we were flying so she could have a room and not have to sleep anywhere that wouldn't be comfortable. The drapes hang around the bed so you can barely see through it, but the light still lights up the room. I went downstairs to make breakfast for every one. I started to cook waffles when i hear the slightest movement. Liam. Liam is always so quite in the morning he doesn't like when he wakes us up when it's not neccessary. He comes walking down the stairs in baggy sweatpants and no shirt and sits down. He is on Arianna'a new IPhone 5 setting every thing up. Next comes Niall down the steps come drooling over the food of course. Next thing we know we hear a little girl scream "AHHHHHH!!!!!!!! MY INOSENCE!!!!!!!!!"

~Zayn's Pov.(finally!)~

I heard her scream. I know what that scream means. Harry. Is. Naked. Next thing I know is that there is Arianna shaking on my bare chest.

"Sweetheart. What's wrong?"

"Harry. Is. NAKED!" she screams in my chest making me chuckle but she slaps my arm "IT'S NOT FUNNY. IF YOU WERE ME YOU WOULD DO THE SAME AND YOU KNOW IT!"

"We have seen it before, it's not new to us." i said giving her a kiss on the nose. "Let's go eat." "FOOD!" she screams and drags me out of the room closing her eye when passing his room. We got to the stairs and i picked her up like a baby siiting her on my lap. Harry came down WITH clothes on. We all had breakfast. Then we showed her, her room she loved it. We gave her conacts and the phone and told her we were going shopping. "HeyAri, Louis' girl friend Elenour left clothes last time they are in the closet you guys are the same size." Louis told her. This is her outfit.......   http://www.polyvore.com/day_out/set?id=68962030    She was so pretty.


~Pulling into the mall (Arianna's Pov.)~

We pull into the mall and all the sudden the entrance is blocked by screaming girls, I remember how i was like that. The guys warned me about the fans so i took ahold of Harry's hand and we stepped out of the van me and Harry last. He helps me out and tells me not to let go of his hand. We were walking through the crowd when someone was like 'who is that s*ut' 'why is Harry holding on to her hand?' or when someone grabs your arm and spins you around and punches you in the face with all your dads are watching. I straight out just got punched in the face by a fan in front of my dads. As soon as she hit me i landed on my butt on the hard ground. As soon as i hit the ground every body got quite starring at the chick and me on the ground while the dads are saying 'it's alright sweety.' or 'Ari are you ok?' Daddy Liam picked me up then set me back on the ground while he walked over to the girl to talk to her. Harry, Niall, and Louis came over and gave me a big hug and said it's going to be alright. I could hear Liam talking to the girl saying 'Why did you punch our daughter?' She said ' Because she isn't a true directioner' 'He just shook his head and told her to say sorry. 'Hey i'm sorry for punching you Arianna.' 'You're not forgiven' and with that we walked inside and started to shop. We came out with many bags. These are the clothes we came out with.........    http://www.polyvore.com/outfits_for_story/set?id=68975329    Surprisingly they will let me wear high heels. That was my first outing with my dads.

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