I got adopted with Ellen's help.

13 year old Arianna has never had a family. She won tickets to go to Ellen and do a interveiw with her for the orphanage. A certain british/irish see it and they adopt her.If you want to follow her journey then read this story.


4. Premiere.

Arianna's Pov.

It has been 5 weeks since the guys adopted me. I am turning 14 today (January 1st in the story) we also have to go to Big Time Rush's movie premiere (pretend for story's sake) tonight. The boys haven't said one Happy Birthday to me at all. Over the weeks the boys got me contacts, an IPhone 5, and they got me more clothes. El and Perrie got me a dress for the premirere and a whole bunch of rings, necklaces, shoes, clutch, and a one direction phone case. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=69355045  It is curently 6 in the evening and they boys, El, and Perrie are all getting ready along with me. Dani and Li broke up along the point during the 5 weeks. I was comforting him the whole time. (Sorry i get side tracked a lot) I was in my dress down stairs; El and Perrie came down wearing this..... http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=69362678  http://www.polyvore.com/el/set?id=69358209  The guys were dressed up in tuxes of course. Since Liam and Niall don't have dates I am their date. We got to the premiere the guys were on the red carpet the girls and I are stopped by reporters asking about how the girls like dating them and they ask me how it is being their daughter. "It's is like I have 5 dads and 3 moms. Every time a girl is dating one of dads I ask them 'What am I to you a piece of dirt or a diamond? You choose. and choose carefully." Taylor Swift is dating Haz so she is like my 3rd mom. Tay couldn't be here so Harry has himself as a date. I am trying to set Jade Thirwell up with Leeyum and Selena Gomez with Nialler. We got done with the red carpet and the movie. Daddys and mommys took me back stage and BTR introduced all of us and told us to come on out. We walk out on stage it is darker than dark the boys lead me where to go and I stand there. I hear someone counting down then all the sudden the lights flick on and i see a huge sign above saying 'Happy 14th B-Day Love Bug' They all screamed happy birthday and baloons and streamer fell down. Every one starts singing happy b-day. After that i got to dance with the guys and girls. Then a slow song came on and 14 year old popsensation Justin Bieber walked up and asked if  we could dance i said yes and wrapped my arms around his neck he put his on my hips and we danced. Little things was the song and i layed my head on his shoulder and he sang in my ear. Oh God i love him. "I don't usually do this the first time but would you like to be my girlfriend?" he asked with a sweet smile. "...." i look at my dads and moms and they looked at each other and smiled and nodded their heads. I look back and lean in and kiss him. That is how my b-day went.

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