I got adopted with Ellen's help.

13 year old Arianna has never had a family. She won tickets to go to Ellen and do a interveiw with her for the orphanage. A certain british/irish see it and they adopt her.If you want to follow her journey then read this story.


6. Ariator and niallier and... Maggie?!

Niall's Pov.

Ari and I were walking around the mall acting like idiots. We were making funny faces at people behind their back. Just being silly, when I noticed a blonde familiar head of hair from when we first met Ari. It was Maggie.

"Ari, look. Who is that?" I pointed at Maggie without her knowinng and Ari screamed and ran into Maggie's arms bawling. Form the ime she left Maggie she mostly forgot about her till now but other than that Ari is good at remembering things. Maggie picked her up and mouthed to me ' Can I take her for a bit?' I nodded my head and they walked off. So I just walked around a lot of fans saw us but not a lot that was good. Around 4:30 they came back Ari had a lo of bags so I took them from her. We said goodbye and walked back to the car singing to a couple songs like "Say You're Just A Friend Feat. Flo Rida" P!nk, F.U.N, and a couple more not a lot of talking just singing. When I pulled up to the house Arianna was passed out so I had Harry come take her and put her to bed, then I brought in her bags and set them in her room and kissed her forehead and went and ate then went to bed.


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