I got adopted with Ellen's help.

13 year old Arianna has never had a family. She won tickets to go to Ellen and do a interveiw with her for the orphanage. A certain british/irish see it and they adopt her.If you want to follow her journey then read this story.


1. Wining the tickets.

Arianna's Pov.

I woke up in my nasty orphange bedroom and put on my old raggedy clothes. I've had these clothes since i was 11 These clothes consisted of an old purple plaid shirt, a black tank top,a pair of old blue jeans that had holes every where in the legs, and a pair of old tennis shoes. I put my blonde hair up in a messy bun like always before i leave, and I put my purple glasses on. I always have to sneek out by going out my window that is on the second floor but it is very easy to get down. The reason why is that is because Mrs.Blubaugh the mean old lady never lets us go any where so i always have to sneek out the window. I got out of the window and started to walk to the cafe to see my friend Maggie. Maggie is my best friend ever because she gave me coffee when it was cold outside when i wasn't in the orphange."Hey, Maggie. Whats up?" "Hey, Arianna. Just working. What are you doing?" she ask as she set my usual coffee in front of me. "Nothing just wandering around the town. Thank you." "Cool. I am going to take a break Susie!" she yelled to her boss. "Wait! Maggie turn the radio up please." she turned up the radio up and I listened closely to the radio guy. 'You want tickets to go to Ellen and to get interviewed by Ellen? Than if you said yes just listen for the song 'What Makes You Beautiful' By: One Direction and you have to be the 13th caller and you will be the winner for the Ellen tickets!' "Can i borrow your phone?" "Yeah. You are really doing that?" "Yeah. If people around here hear about how I am at a adoption center than people might want to adopt me. I'll get out of that rathole and i would have a true loving familthis so bad." Then all the sudden the song came on and I called and the person put me on hold. The song ended and he guy said 'Hello 13th caller you are on with Jimmy whats you name?" "My name is Arianna!" "Well, Arianna you have just won two Ellen Degeneres tickets! Who will you be bringing with you?" "I am bringing my friend Maggie with me!" Maggie's face was priceless "Well you are going in 2 days! Arianna, Maggie be ready to ge Ellen-fied! Bye!" "Bye!" We yelled back at him. As soon as we hung up we sreamed our heads off while everyone was staring at us. Maggie knew i couldn't go on Ellen looking like a rag doll so she went home for the rest of the day so we could go shopping for decent clothes. We picked out... ( http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=66963600 ) (All the beats in the story is maggies)


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