Rescued By Vampires (Vampire/ Harry Styles)

Belinda was just a normal girl walking through the dark alley going home when she was taken by a vampire. An evil vampire. He feeds off her. She tries to run away but she can't. When she meets 5 boys who get chucked into the cellar they help her escape. Harry and Belinda become closer. Molly Belinda's daughter really loves Harry. What happens when Michael is out to get the 6 of them and no one is safe? Read more and find out.


5. Chapter 4


This part skips a few months or more. And it's very graphic  So people who are young do not read this. Coz I will get in trouble by your parents. So please if you are younger than 15 DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE A DIRTY MIND AND I KNOW YOU.



Harry and I have been going out for 10 months. 2 months to go and its a year. I woke up and saw Harry sleeping. Molly was over at Uncle Louis' him and his girlfriend was looking after Molly for the weekend. Her name is Eleanor. We get along really well. As well as Danielle and Perrie. Harry woke up.

"Morning Love" Harry said.

"Morning" I said.

I got on top of Harry.

"You know Molly is out today and tomorrow... So I was wondering do you want it" I asked looking at Harry.

Harry smirked.

"I never thought you would ask" Harry said.

I smiled. Harry pushed me down and got on top of me. He pressed his lips onto mine. I smiled. Harry licked the bottom of my lip to make an entrance which I gave him. Harry smiled. I ran my hands down his abs. Harry moaned. I smiled. 

I was in my PJ's, and within a few seconds they were both completely undressed, naked on the bed in my room. Harry sat back on me looking down at me. I never failed to stir his blood. I was such a beautiful woman, tall, slender; and my skin was pale ivory. 

I was staring back at Harry, I saw the intensity in his luminous Emerald Green eyes, twin reflections of my own filled with mounting desire. I lifted my arms to him.

In answer, Harry stretched himself on top of me. How perfect we fit together, he thought.

‘I want you,’ I whispered against his neck, and my long, tapering fingers went up into his tight brown curls.

He wanted me as much as I wanted him. And so he kissed me very slowly, languorously.

As Harry began to caress my breasts, my hands moved down over his broad back. Harry was moving his hand up along my leg, he slipped in between my thighs; my soft sighs increased as he finally touched that damp, warm, welcoming place. I arched her body, then fell back, moaning.

Now he could hardly contain himself and parted my legs and entered me wiftly, no longer able to resist me .

I began to move frantically against Harry, my hands tightly gripping his shoulders, my whole body radiating heat and desire for him he had not seen in me before. Excited beyond endurance, he felt every fiber of his being exploding as he tumbled into her warmth, and I welcomed him ecstatically.

Harry pulled his cock out as we both cummed. Harry fell on me catching his breath.

"That was amazing" Harry said.

I smiled. Harry rolled off me and put the sheets over us. Harry then put his arms around my waist and head in my back and fell asleep. We woke up again 2 hours later. The phone ringing. Harry put his boxers on. He ran down and answered it. I got dressed.

Harry ran back up.

"We need to go" Harry said.

"Why?" I asked.

'Molly's in hospital" Harry said.

I got scared and grabbed my bag. Slipped thongs on. Harry got dressed and put his clothes on. I grabbed my keys. Harry and I got into the car. I started it and drove off.




When we got to the hospital we ran in. I got to the desk.

"Hey I am looking for my daughter Molly" I said.

"She's in the patients ward which her uncle and Aunty" The nurse said.

"Thank you" I said.

Harry and I ran off. We got there. I saw Molly lying there. Tears fell.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Well I left her alone in the bath for two minutes" Louis said.

I slapped him.

"You don't leave kids in a bath alone not a two year old" I said.

Harry put his arms around me.

"Calm down" Harry whispered.

"Look I am sorry" Louis said.

"I almost lost her once not again" I said.

Everyone looked at me.

"When she was 6 months someone dropped her" I said.

"Oh" Everyone said.

I hugged Louis.

"I'm sorry" I said.

Louis put his arms around me.

"It's alright I should be sorry" Louis said.

We pulled back. Eleanor hugged me. I smiled. We pulled back. Harry put his arms around me again. Molly woke up.

"Mummy" Molly said.

"I am here" I said walking up.

"Can I go home?" Molly asked.

"Wait and see what the doctor says okay sweetie" I said and kissed Molly's forehead.

"You smell like daddy" Molly said.

"You guys didn't" Louis said.

"What Molly was out" Harry said.

I laughed. Molly smiled. A doctor walked up.

"Who's the mother?" The doctor asked.

"That would be me" I said.

"Well your daughter is fine... But she has to stay in for another day... Just so we can keep a close eye on her" The doctor said.

I nodded. The doctor walked up to Molly and gave her a toy. The doctor walked off.

"Aunty El can I have my teddy?" Molly asked.

Eleanor nodded and handed Molly her teddy. She hugged it and fell asleep. I sat down and put my head in my hands. Harry stood next to me and rubbed my back.


Molly woke up.

"It's okay sweetie go back to sleep" I said.

Molly nodded and fell asleep. The girls walked up. They started to scream.

"Shh..." Harry said.

"Why?" A girl asked.

"Because mine and my girlfriends daughter is trying to sleep" Harry said.

The girls looked shocked. I stood up and stroked Molly's cheek. Harry pulled me onto his lap.

"I really hate hospitals" I said.

The girls walked off. Thank god they were so annoying. I am sorry to the boys but they were. 

"You okay?" Harry asked.

"Yeah" I said.

Harry rubbed my back.

"Am I going to get hate now?" I asked.

"Knowing the fans yes but don't let it get to you... They are jealous" Harry said.

"I will try" I said.

Harry smiled and kissed my cheek. I giggled. I fell asleep in Harry's chest.


Harry's POV

Belinda fell asleep in my chest. I smiled and rubbed her back. I put her legs to the side. Louis smiled at me. I smiled back. The girls came back. Or our fans I should say. Louis put his arms around Danielle. The boys ran in.

"We got Louis text is Molly okay?" Liam asked.

I nodded.

"Yes she can go home tomorrow" I said.

The boys nodded.


Belinda woke up. 

"Go back to sleep babe... It's the girls that's all" I said.

Belinda tried but couldn't. I rubbed Belinda's back.

"Hi boys" Belinda said.

"Hey Bel" The boys said.

Belinda smiled. Molly woke up. Molly looked at me and Belinda.

"Can I go home yet?" Molly asked.

"Tomorrow" Belinda said stroking Molly's cheek.

Molly nodded.

"Are you going to stay mummy and daddy?" Molly asked.

"I am... Harry" Belinda said.

"Of course I am staying" I said.

Molly smiled. She sat up. Her tummy grumbled.

"Your hungry" I said.

Her doctor came up.

"Is Molly allowed to eat anything?" Belinda asked.

"A list will be coming around soon for lunch" The doctor said.

Belinda nodded.


Belinda's POV

A nurse came and walked up to Molly. She had the list. I circled what she wanted when she picked. Molly pointed to the chips and nuggets. I circled it. Molly clapped. I put Molly's name onto it. I then handed it to the nurse. The nurse smiled and walked off.

Harry put his arms around my waist. I smiled and put my head in his chest.

"Anyway we were wondering if we could have a autograph from everyone but Niall" The girls said.

Niall looked upset. Molly grabbed her toy and chucked it at the girls. The girls through it back. Lucky it missed Molly.

"Oi Molly is my daughter and you do not through things at her" Harry yelled.

"But she did it to me first" The girl said.

"I don't care Molly is two" Harry yelled.

Molly cried. I stood up and kissed her foreheads, "It's alright baby girl" I whispered.

Molly nodded. Niall walked up.

"Thank you" Niall whispered.

"Uncle Ni" Molly said.

Niall nodded. The girls walked off. Molly stopped crying. Harry stood up and wiped Molly's tears off. Harry then tickled Molly. Molly laughed. I smiled. He stopped and tickled me. I laughed.

"Stop" I said.

"Nope" Harry said.

"Harry I am not sad I am happy please" I laughed.

Molly smiled.

"I know how you feel now Molly" I laughed.

Harry finally stopped. Molly's lunch came. They gave her a small table. The nurse put her lunch onto the table and opened the lid. Molly's face dropped.

"Wow" I said.

The nurse smiled.

"Thank you" I said.

"No problem" The nurse said.

The nurse walked off. Harry went to tickle me. I elbowed him in the groin. Harry groaned in pain.

"Sorry" I said.

"It's fine" Harry said in pain.

I cut the chips and nuggets up for Molly. Molly smiled and started to eat. Harry put his arms around my waist.



Hope you guys enjoyed it.




*No Hate

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