Rescued By Vampires (Vampire/ Harry Styles)

Belinda was just a normal girl walking through the dark alley going home when she was taken by a vampire. An evil vampire. He feeds off her. She tries to run away but she can't. When she meets 5 boys who get chucked into the cellar they help her escape. Harry and Belinda become closer. Molly Belinda's daughter really loves Harry. What happens when Michael is out to get the 6 of them and no one is safe? Read more and find out.


4. Chapter 3


I woke up and saw Harry sleeping next to me. His chest was rising and falling. I smiled. At least I wanted to sleep with this man. Molly ran in crying. I grabbed her and picked her up. Molly cried in my chest.

"What happened sweetie?" I asked.

"Nightmare" Molly cried.

"Harry" I said.

He turned around.

"Harry" I said.

"Go away mum" Harry groaned.

I blocked Molly's ears.

"HARRY" I yelled.

Harry woke up and fell off the bed. I giggled. I removed my hands from Molly's ear. I put my hand over her eyes. Harry got back in the sheets. I moved my hand again.

"What" Harry asked.

Molly laid on Harry's chest and cried.

"Whats the matter baby girl?" Harry asked.

"Nightmare" Molly cried.

Harry rubbed Molly's back.

"What happened?" I asked getting closer.

"Pwople swtarted to dwisappear awound me" Molly cried.

"That's never going to happen" Harry said.

Molly nodded.

"How about you sleep with us" I said.

Molly nodded. She got into the middle. Harry kissed our foreheads.

"Night my girls" Harry said.

I smiled so did Molly. We all fell asleep.




I woke up 2 hours later. Harry and Molly were out of bed. I saw Michael. He broke the window.

"Harry" I yelled.

My back was against the wall.

"Harry" I yelled.

Harry ran in and saw Michael.

"Let me see your daughter?" Micheal asked.

"You stay away from her you understand me" I snapped.

"I don't think you should be making threats" Michael smirked.

"But I can" Harry said.

Harry punched Michael. Harry and I ran out. We saw Molly. I picked her up.

"Harry please do something I don't want to be taken away again or Molly be taken" I said.

Harry nodded. I saw his fangs come down in the window. His eyes changed colour. Michael smirked and did the same. I covered Molly's eyes. Harry and Michael started to fight.

"Leave Belinda alone" I snapped.

"No she's so tasty" Michael said.

The boys brust through the door.

"Mummy whats going on?" Molly asked.

"Just a bady trying to take us... Your uncles and father are trying to help get the guy out" I said.

Molly nodded. Michael left with scratches and bite marks. As their fangs and eyes changed back. I removed my hand.

"There's our beautiful niece" The boys said but Harry.

Liam wanted to hold Molly. I handed Molly to Liam. Liam grabbed her.

"Uncle Eam" Molly said.

Liam nodded. Harry put his arms around my waist.

"Thank you" I said.

"No problem" Harry said.

I placed my head in Harry's chest. Harry kissed the top of my head. I smiled. We were all sitting on the floor.

"Hang on uncle Louis got you a present" Louis said walking out.

He walked back in with something behind his back. He got to Molly and showed her. Molly's eyes lit up. I smiled so did Harry.

"Tank eu uncle uois" Molly said and gave him and big hug.

"No problem beautiful" Louis said.

They pulled apart. Molly gripped on the teddy. 

"So Belinda and Harry sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g first came love then came marriage then came baby in a baby carriage" The boys said.

Molly laughed. Harry kissed my neck. Molly fell asleep in Niall's lap. Niall smiled and rubbed her back.

"She's really tired" Liam said.

"She had a nightmare this morning" I said.

"AwwZayn said.

I heard Harry chuckle.

"I'm going to change" I said.

I stood up and walked off. When I got to my room. I shut my door and changed. I walked down the stairs and joined the boys again. Harry pulled me onto his lap. Again. 

"I like you in your PJ's" Harry said.

"Did you" I said.

Harry nodded. 

"Well I'm sorry I don't think the boys did" I said.

Molly woke up. She ran to me. I put her in my lap. 

"Mummy can I have a sister?" Molly asked.

"Wait dear" I said.

Molly nodded. 

"I like that idea" Harry growled.

"Well you will just have to wait too" I said.

Oh I forgot to tell you the boys are in a band. One Direction. They were formed 2 years ago. Harry smirked and kissed my neck.




4 hours later the boys left. Molly was asleep again. I carried her to her room and laid her down. I sat in a chair and watched. Michael is scaring me now. Tears fell. Harry walked up and kneeled down.

"Are you okay?" Harry asked.

"I want Michael dead" I cried.

Harry hugged me.

"I'm scared Harry... Scared he'll take me again or even Molly" I cried.

Harry switched. So I was laying in his chest. Harry rubbed my back.

"Maybe I shouldn't have escaped" I said.

"If you didn't Molly would be without an amazing and beautiful mother like you" Harry said.

I smiled. 

"I will be here for you and Molly" Harry said.

"I know... And you are the awesome and handsome father" I said.

"Yes I am... Why thank you" Harry said.

I giggled.

"I love you Harry" I said.

"Love you too Belinda" Harry said.

Harry kissed the top of my head, "You know if we keep going out we should try and have a baby ourselves and I will stay and prove to Jonathan that he is an ass for leaving you."

I laughed, "Okay Harry you can do that."

A knock came at the door. I stood up and answered it.

"Jonathan what are you doing here?" I asked.

"Seeing my daughter" Jonathan said.

"Oh no... I told you if you left and showed up at the birth and that was it not to come see her... She doesn't know you and I don't want her to alright" I said.

"You can't stop me" Jonathan said.

"But I can" Harry said.

"Who are you?" Jonathan asked.

"Belinda's girlfriend and Molly's dad unlike you" Harry said.

Molly screamed. I ran in. Michael was there.

"Michael" I shouted.

He took off with Molly.

"Molly" I said.

Harry ran up.

"He took her... He took Molly" I cried.

I fell to the ground.

"He is so dead" Harry said and ran out vampire speed.

I kept crying.


Harry's POV

I could still hear Belinda crying. Man it broke my heart to see her cry. That made me even more mad. No one hurts the girl I love and no one takes her daughter away. I got to Michael's house. I saw Molly crying her eyes out and Michael hitting her.

"Michael" I shouted.

Michael looked at me and stood up. Molly looked at me.

"Close you eyes sweetie" I said.

Molly did what I said. My fangs came down and eyes changed colour. Michael did the same. 

"Is Belinda crying... Did I make her cry" Michael asked.

I got mad. Which made me worse when I am a vampire. Michael and I started to fight.

"You had no right taking Molly... She hasn't done anything to you... If you ever go near Molly or Belinda again I will hurt you" I snapped and pushed Michael into the ground. I grabbed a stake and staked Michael.

Michael screamed.

"Rote in Hell" I yelled.

I grabbed Molly and ran. My fangs went back in and eyes changed colour. I got back to the house.

"Belinda" I said.

"Yeah" Belinda said walking out.

Her face lit up.

"Molly" Belinda said.

"Mummy" Molly said.

"You can open your eyes now" I said.

Molly opened her eyes. Belinda grabbed her. She hugged me.

"Did he hurt you?" Belinda asked.

Molly nodded and cried.

"Shh..." Belinda said rubbing Molly's back.

Molly kept crying.

"It hwrt" Molly said.

"He is not going to take you again Harry and I will make sure of that" Belinda said.

"Yes I agree" I said.

We got into the bathroom. 


Belinda's POV

I stiped Molly down. Man if I was a vampire I would have killed Michael already for hurting my daughter. Harry turned the tap. He kept testing it. Once it was warm he turned the taps off. I placed Molly into the water. Molly smiled and splashed.

Harry and I laughed as water got over us. Molly gave us a sorry look.

"Its alright" I said.

Harry splashed Molly back. Molly laughed. After Molly was finished. I grabbed her and wrapped her in a towel wiping the water off.

"Can you get her PJ's for me?" I asked Harry.

Harry nodded and walked out. He came back in with the PJ's. Harry dressed Molly into them.




2 hours later. I was laying on the bed with Molly. Harry striped down until he was in his boxers. Molly  pointed at his four nipples.

"Yes how many does he have?" I asked.

She put up 5. I put her thump in.

"Show Harry" I said.

Molly looked at me. 

"Harry she knows how many nipples you have" I said.

"Do you" Harry said.

Molly nodded and did  the four.

"That is right" Harry said.

He blew a raspberry on Molly's neck. Molly laughed.

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