Rescued By Vampires (Vampire/ Harry Styles)

Belinda was just a normal girl walking through the dark alley going home when she was taken by a vampire. An evil vampire. He feeds off her. She tries to run away but she can't. When she meets 5 boys who get chucked into the cellar they help her escape. Harry and Belinda become closer. Molly Belinda's daughter really loves Harry. What happens when Michael is out to get the 6 of them and no one is safe? Read more and find out.


2. Chapter 1

I woke up in Matthew's bed. He was the vampire that kidnapped me a year ago. He always feeds off me and never stops. He will feed 4 times and day.

"Morning Beautiful" Matthew said.

"Morning" I said.

I stretched  Matthew put his arms around me. Well I have to act like his boyfriend or he will kill me. A knock came at the door. Matthew grabbed my hand and walked me towards the cellar where he pushed me in. I landed on the ground and winced as pain shot through my ankle. I then heard the door slam shut.

Matthew walked into the cellar. He sat next to me and pulled me into his lap where he pressed his fangs into my neck. I winced. After he finished drinking. He dropped me to the floor and man it was hard. My eyes closed from me being so weak. He walked off and left me down there until he was ready to feed again.


Harry's POV

Matthew is our enemy now. We used to be friends. But he knocked me out before I could do anything. I woke up in a cellar. I saw a girl about my age lying there on the ground. I could see fang marks. Matthew is using her as a blood slave. I checked for a pulse anyway. There was one good. Her breath was weak and she also looked weak.

Michael walked down and smiled.

"The girl is my blood slave" Michael smirked.

"I gathered that but she what has she done to you" I snapped.

"Well when I first saw her she slapped me and well she regretted that" Michael said.

"She has family... They've been looking for her" I said.

"So vampires don't care for mortals anymore" Michael said.

"No you don't... The boys and I do" I snapped.

Michael smirked and walked out. 2 minutes later the girl woke up.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"Another vampire but I'm not going to drink from you... I drink from Animals and well Michael used to be apart of our clan until he went evil" I said.

The girl nodded and sat up.

"How long have you been his blood slave?" I asked.

"A year and I hate it... What did I ever do to him apart from slap him when I was scared?" The girl asked.

"Vampire... You see some don't care about mortals only themselves" I said.

The girl nodded, "Belinda by the way."

"Harry" I said.

Michael walked down pulling my friends.

"See you two are getting along" Michael said.

He pushed the boys to me. Michael grabbed Belinda and pulled her. She was limping. She turned to me and gave me a sad look.

"I will save you" I mouthed.

Belinda smiled and turned back.


Belinda's POV

Michael pushed me into his room.

"Stay there" Michael said.

"It's not like I can escape you always find me" I said.

Michael smirked and walked up.

"Because I can find you since your my blood slave and well if someone else takes you and then I can't" Michael said.

He walked out. I smiled. Get another vampire to drink my blood and I'm free. I heard Harry scream. I got scared. 2 hours later. Michael came back up. He drank my blood. He then walked me into the cellar and pushed me again. Harry put his arms around me.

"Aww" Michael said and walked out.

"You okay?" Harry asked.

"It hurts" I cried.

"It will... How many times a day does he feed off you?" Harry asked.

"4 or 5" I said.

Harry told the boys everything. They nodded. I learnt there names. Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn.

"Harry he said if someone feeds off me he can't find me anymore" I said.

"Oh" Harry said.

Louis hit Harry.

"What was the for?" Harry asked.

"She's saying she wants to leave" Louis said.

"Oh" Harry said.

"Look I know your weak I heard you scream alright and you need blood so please" I said.

"No way" Harry said.

"Harry if you don't I will be stuck here forever him drinking my blood" I said.

"But if I do I can't stop" Harry said.

"Harry I need to be home with my daughter" I said.

"You have a daughter?" Harry asked.

"Yes and my mum was looking after her while I was working and my daughter and mother would be worried" I said.

"Boyfriend?" Liam asked.

"Took off" I said.

I looked into Harry's eyes. He looked upset.

"Fine I will do it but boys will have to pull me off" Harry said.

I smiled.

"Thank you" I said.

"No problem" Harry said.

We sat on the bench. The boys were holding Harry. I nodded. Harry's fangs appeared. He pressed his lips onto mine. I moaned. I put my hand over my mouth. The boys pulled Harry away.

"Did you moan?" Harry asked.

"Is that bad?" I asked.

"No that means just your free and well your connected to me so I feel your pain and you feel mine" Harry said.

I nodded. we heard Michael coming down. We sat on the ground. Harry had his arms around me like before. I winked at the boys.

"Thank you Harry" I whispered.

"No problem" Harry said.

Michael smiled.

"Now" Louis said.

The 4 boys held him down while Harry ran and got me out of the house and cellar. The boys ran after us and locked Michael in the cellar.




4 hours later I got home. I walked in. I let the boys in. 

"Mummy" Molly said.

"Molly" I said.

Molly ran to me. I picked her up. 

"I missed you" I said.

Mum walked around.

"Where have you been?" Mum asked.

"I got kidnapped a year ago with these 5 boys and we just escaped" I said.

Mum nodded and hugged me.

"Oh mum my friends Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn boy my mum Savanna and my daughter Molly" I said.

Harry wanted to hold Molly. I handed her to him. Harry grabbed her. I smiled so did Harry.

"Oh Jonathan came around the other week" Mum said.

"I told him if he left not to visit" I said.

"Jonathan the father?" Louis asked.

I nodded.

"I am happy mum supported and let me live with her until I got a job and a house" I said.

Mum hugged me. I smiled.

"Mummy" Molly said.

Mum and I pulled away. I grabbed Molly.

"Can Harry come over tomorrow and play?" Molly asked.

"Up to him" I said.

"I would love too" Harry said.

Molly clapped. I smiled. Harry chuckled. Molly poked his dimples.

"There dimples" I said.

Molly poked her cheek.

"You don't have dimples sorry you have cheek bones" I said.

Molly clapped. The boys left but Harry. We got to my room and started to talk. Mum had Molly and was in the lounge.

"Thanks again... I hope you aren't mad I have a daughter" I said.

Harry shook his head.

"But the man his stupid for leaving you" Harry said.

"Yes some do" I said.

"How did yo eh get pregnant?" Harry asked.

"Well it was 2 years ago and prom... Jonathan and I had been going out for 2 years and well he said he put a condom on and I didn't want to check... Anyway so you know we had it... When I found out I was pregnant I told him he said he couldn't do this and walked out... Mum was mad but supported me and well I had Molly" I said.

Harry nodded.

"So you 18" Harry said.

I nodded.

"I was born a vampire so I never got the feeling if it hurt when someone bites you but i used to feed of humans and well they would scream then I learnt how to control myself and drank from animals it might make me weaker than vampires who eat humans but I don't want them to suffer anymore" Harry said.

"So when yo said before that if you tasted blood you could stop, is that what you meant by it?" I asked.

Harry nodded.

"I hope I didn't scare you" Harry said.

"No I put up with Matthew for a year" I said.

Harry hugged me. I smiled. Molly ran in. She wanted to come on the bed. Hands up and everything. I grabbed Molly and pulled her onto the bed. Molly went in-between Harry and I.

"Is Harry my new daddy?" Molly asked.

I looked at Harry.

"Yes I am" Harry said.

I smiled.

"Thank you" I mouthed.

"No problem" Harry mouthed back.

"Yay I got a new daddy" Molly said.

She jumped up and down. Harry and I laughed.

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