Secret Life

5 girls Melissa, Zoe, Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie are vampires along with 5 boys Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn. These friends have to hide their vampire self from anyone and everyone. Vampire Hunters always going around a night. They only life off packet blood.


1. Chapter 1


I was in the kitchen making breakfast for 10 people. Yay. I felt arms around my waist. I looked and saw Harry. If you want to know Harry and I are boyfriend and girlfriend have been for a year. Louis and Eleanor are boyfriend and girlfriend. Liam and Danielle are boyfriend and girlfriend  Zayn and Perrie are boyfriend and girlfriend. Niall and Zoe are boyfriend and girlfriend.

I went back to cooking.

"What are you making?" Harry asked.

"That" I said putting to the cook book.

"Fancy" Harry said.

I chuckled, "No I wanted to see if I could do it and I can't."

"Don't put yourself down it's your first time making in... Let me help" Harry said.

Harry started to help me. I smiled. After about 10 minutes we finally did it.

"I did it" I said.

Harry chuckled. Harry pressed his lips onto mine. I smiled.

"Not in the kitchen" Niall said.

We pulled back and laughed. Everyone grabbed a plate each.

"Who made it?" Louis asked.

"Me" I said.

"I'm out" Louis said putting the plate down and walking off. 

I crossed my arms and sat on the floor. 

"Louis" Eleanor said pulling him back by the ear.

"Look Melissa gets up some times just to make us breakfast... Be nice and eat it" Eleanor said.

"But her cooking is horrible" Louis said.

"Louis she's right there" Niall said.

I stood up and pushed Louis. I walked into my room and slammed the door shut. I then locked it.


Harry's POV

I heard Melissa's door shut. I closed my eyes as the bang went.

"Louis you know she is sensitive" I snapped.

"Well it's true her cooking is bad" Louis said.

"Louis just appreciate that someone cares about you enough to make you breakfast" I said.

"We have arms and legs we can make breakfast ourselves" Louis said.

I got mad. The windows broke.

"You selfish bastard" I snapped and walked off.

I got to Melissa's door. I knocked.

"Melissa open up" I said.

"No" Melissa said crying. 

I sat on the other side.

"You know Louis" I said.

"He didn't have to say it... I know my cooking is horrible but I want to be nice" Melissa said.

"I know you love to help but don't worry about Louis" I said.

"He lives with me so I have to worry... I worry about everyone and everything" Melissa said.

I sighed. Louis walked up.

"Go" I mouthed.

"Why?" Louis mouthed.

"You hurt her and now she won't let me in so leave" I mouthed.

Louis sighed and walked off.

"Harry" Melissa said.

"Yeah" I said.

"Do you think my cooking is bad?" Melissa asked.

"Depends what you make... I mean this breakfast will taste amazing with my help" I said.

Melissa laughed.

"Thanks Haz" Melissa said.

"No problem Mel" I said.

Melissa unlocked the door and opened it. I fell back. Melissa giggled. I stood up and wiped her tears off, I then hugged Melissa. Louis walked up. Melissa went back into her room and closed the door.

"Ow" I shouted.

I looked at Louis and rubbed my forehead.

"Please leave Melissa alone she don't like you no more" I said.

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed an ice pack.

"What happened?" Danielle asked.

"Well Melissa finally came out her room and then Louis came and Melissa slammed the door on my face" I said putting the ice pack on my forehead.

The others laughed.

"You know this is good... She can be a good and bad cook" Eleanor said.

"Everyone can... Louis just has to learn to keep things that hurt others in himself" I said.

"Louis leave me alone" Melissa shouted.

I put the ice pack down. I heard a bang. I ran towards it. Louis had Melissa against the wall.

"Louis leave her alone" I said.

Louis let Melissa go. Melissa ran to me. I put my arms around her.

"Back off... If she doesn't want to talk she doesn't have to" I shouted.

Melissa winced.

"Sorry" I said.

Melissa went out with a guy about a few years back and he used to beat her up and shout at her. He didn't know she was a vampire. And when I found out what he did to her. I lost it. I then promised Melissa I would never hurt her. And I haven't. Melissa put  her head in my chest.

"You okay?" I asked.

"He reminded me of him" Melissa said.

"Louis" I said.

"What" Louis said.

"Ex boyfriend beating her up" I said.

"Oh" Louis said.

The others walked up.

"What happened?" Eleanor asked.

"Louis" I said.

"Louis go drink blood now your angry" Eleanor said.

"Human blood" Louis said.

Louis kills humans even though he isn't allowed to. He hasn't learnt to control himself yet. We try and help him.

"No packet blood" Eleanor said.

Niall handed it to him. Louis walked off and drank the blood. The others followed.

"Melissa" I said.

"Yeah" Melissa said.

"You okay?" I asked.

Melissa nodded.

"Sorry for slamming the door in your face" Melissa said.

"No problem" I said.

We walked into the lounge and sat down. Melissa laid in my lap. I smiled. I put his hand under her shirt and rested it on her stomach which made Melissa smile. She knows I wouldn't do anything.




Melissa's POV

I had work. I work at a cafe. Another reason why I couldn't drink human blood because I would have killed everyone that came in. Harry dropped me off. He likes my uniform.

"See you a 11" Harry said.

"Yup" I said.

Harry pecked my lips. I got out of the car and walked in. Oh yeah my boss is a bitch she always picks on me. When I walked in. I switched with a person. I put my bag in my locker and walked up to the counter.

"How may I help you today?" I asked.

"2 coffees and a hot chocolate" The man said.

"That will be $5 please" I said.

The man gave me the money. 

"Yours will be ready soon" I said.

The man nodded and walked off to the side. Jake a guy I work with makes all the drinks.

"Who's next thanks" I said.

Justin walked up. He's my ex-boyfriend.

"What would you like today?" I asked.

Being nice.

"You" Justin said.

"Sorry we don't sell them here" I said smirking.

"Just a small coffee" Justin said.

I gave the man before his order.

"How are you going with all the blood?" Justin asked.

I didn't answer him.

"That will be $2.50 thank you" I said.

Justin gave me the money.

"Your order will be ready soon please wait" I said.

Harry walked in. He saw Justin and his eyes went red. I shook my head. 

"Who's next" I said.

Harry walked up. I gave Justin his coffee.

"Have a nice day Justin" I smirked.

Justin walked off.

"What would you like today?" I asked.

"A large hot chocolate" Harry said.

"That will be $5.50 thank you" I said.

Harry gave me the money. I gave him the change.

"Your order will be ready soon" I said.

Harry walked to the side. Harry's hot chocolate came up. He walked up. I handed it to him.

"Have a lovely day" I said.

Harry winked and sat down.




I finally finished work. I grabbed my bag. Signed out and walked out. I sat next to Harry.

"Why are you so beautiful?" Harry asked.

"Because your handsome" I said.

Harry pulled me onto his lap. I smiled. Harry put my hair down and kissed my neck. I giggled.




I was laying on my bed. Harry and I sleep together. Well he just moved in but I still call it my room. Harry put his arms around my waist. My head was on his chest. I fell asleep by the warmth. Since we aren't dead vampires. Harry kissed the top of my head and fell asleep after me.






*No Hate

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