At Least I Have You

Hi, my name is Gracen Call and yeah thats right my boyfriend is Liam Payne! He is the best one you could ever dream of having! But why does this have to happen! I get pregnant by him and i'm only 18. Read more to see what happens in this thrilling story!


4. WHAT!!


Im not feeling to good and am thinking about last night! WHAT IF I AM PREGNANT! Im only 18 and if I am i dont know what i will do! I think i am going to go to dollar deneral to get a test!

*2 hours later*

i havent took the test yet, i am waiting till Liam gets here. He doesnt know about the whole thing so I think he should be here to grasp the whole thing first.

*half hour later*

Liam should be here anyminute! I cant wait for him to see his present! He will love it! The band has been wanting it so bad and now the final-- "IM HERE", liam yelled! HEY LIAM, I WANT YOU TO OPEN YOU PRESENT FIRST! PLEASE!!! i exclaimed

ok, ok He said I guess! Ok i have to go get it i said HOLD ON!


wow, she seem really excided about this present! I wonder what it is. I cant even think of what it is!! "OK!!!" I HERD HER SAY! OPEN IT! She handed me a big box! I took it and ripped it open! "O MY GOSH A PUPPYY! I said! How long has he been he been here? "for 2 days" She said. THANK YOU!!!! The boys will love having it on tour with us! i said excidedly! Now you get mine!


I cant wait!! He handed me a little box and I opened it, but before i could open the box inside Liam took it from me and got down on his knees! "Gracen Emily Call, Will you merry me?" O MY GOSH DID HE JUST PREPOSE!! Yes, of corse I will Liam James Payne!!  

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