At Least I Have You

Hi, my name is Gracen Call and yeah thats right my boyfriend is Liam Payne! He is the best one you could ever dream of having! But why does this have to happen! I get pregnant by him and i'm only 18. Read more to see what happens in this thrilling story!


7. Telling everyone


I woke up with Liam shaking me.

"breakfast is ready" Liam exclaimed

"AWW, you didnt half to make me anything" I told him

"I know, i wanted too!" He said "So come with me and eat"

We started eating. He was so sweet, i am luckey i have him. I couldn't have ask for anyone better.

"I am alittle excided to be a mom" I exclaimed. "do you want a girl or boy?" i asked Liam

"I want a little girl" He said

"Me too, that would be awesome. I think i am going to call the boys and tell them to come over to tell the all the news and you can call your mom and dad" I said

"Ok" Liam replied.

My parents abandoned me when i was old enough to move out, so i dont think they care much. At least i have Liam and his family and the boys. Now we will be our own little family. Me, Liam, and the baby.

*everyones here*


Everyones here and we are about to tell the new--"Ok" Gracen interruped"theres good and bad news".

"First the good new, Liam, you can do the honors." Gracen said

"Ok, everyone Me and Gracen got engaged"

Everyone gasp and shouted Yay.

"Now the bad news, Im pregnate" Gracen said

Everyone gasp

"we are happy for you" said the boys

And us too, but handleing a baby is alot of responsibilty. Can you handle it?" My mom and dad ask

Yeah me and her can do it, we are very happy.

"Ok we love you guys, we believe in you'

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