At Least I Have You

Hi, my name is Gracen Call and yeah thats right my boyfriend is Liam Payne! He is the best one you could ever dream of having! But why does this have to happen! I get pregnant by him and i'm only 18. Read more to see what happens in this thrilling story!


10. namesss?!?!?!


We just found out that we are having two precious baby girls and we are as excided as EVER!!! Right now we are on the couch thinking of baby names.

"What about Taylor our first baby girl? Taylor Nicole Payne" said liam

"Awe, I love that name, babe! " I replied, and I wasn't lying either I really really do.

"Now its your turn, what do u want for our second baby girl?" he asked

"Hmm, I like Claire, Claire louise payne?" I said

"Perfect, now we just have to wait for Claire Louise Payne and Taylor Nicole Payne to come out of that little stomach of yours!" he replied with a huge grin

"Little, I think not" I said before kissing him and walking into the bedroom to resume packing. We bought that house and we are moving in in two days, I love it, its going to be a perfect place to raise our two babies in.

"It was before you were pregnant" liam said

"Whatever, babe, the babies want pancakes with ranch!!!" I said

"umm, Pancakes with ranch?!?!?!" he said weirded out

"Sorry, I thought you were used to my cravings" I said in a joking tone

"Well im not but ill go and make those pancacks for you, love you babe" he said

"love you too"

I couldn't have asked for a better of fiancé!!!



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