At Least I Have You

Hi, my name is Gracen Call and yeah thats right my boyfriend is Liam Payne! He is the best one you could ever dream of having! But why does this have to happen! I get pregnant by him and i'm only 18. Read more to see what happens in this thrilling story!


2. Meeting again

So that's how it all happened and we have been dating ever since! It is our 2 year anniversary and we finally get to spend it together because he just got off tour last night!! Oh here's a text from Liam right now! *text*Liam Hey babe, can I come over? *text* OF corse<3 This is the first time in 7 months that we will see each other an i literally can't wait!! DING DONG YAY he's finally here. *opens door* "LIAM, I missed you so much!" LiamsPOV "I missed you more" I said as Gracen hugged me! I really did miss her so much and she looked as beautiful as ever tonight!!"you want to come in or what " Gracen said sarcastically! "NO" I said!! We went inside and started talking about what we did while we were apart and it seems like we both had a great time! "So what do you want to do" Gracen Said, "we could watch a movie" I said! We are going to watch a horror movie!

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