School Of Vampires

In London there is a school for vampires. Yes weird a vampire school. But this school teaches vampires how to control their drinking and powers.

Amelia Jane Smith is a 16 year old Vampire. Along with some other people. Her parents are both two gay guys who adopted her when she was a baby. BTW her gay parents are not vampires. They are human. When people find out they start to tease her.

When Amelia becomes angry she can't help but drink human blood. One day when she runs she bumps into a boy. Harry Styles and yes from One Direction. Harry is a 500 year old vampire. He takes Amelia in his wing and helps her control it.

When he finds out about her parents he doesn't care. He just keeps helping her. When the world becomes filled with evil vampires. Amelia has to save the people in the vampire school before it is too late. Can she do it? Join the story of a young teenage vampire in a story of Romance, Hate, Tears, Heartbreak and Friendship.


3. People Know.... Meeting Harry


About a few weeks past. People started to tease me about having gay parents. I didn't care. But I had a feeling today was going to be worse. I would drink blood more than I was supposed to a day. Andrew and Matthew are worried because I don't eat.

It's true I have stopped eating. Felicity and her sisters have gone away with their parents. I was stuck alone. They didn't care because Louis and Harry got harraised and people telling them they where gay when they weren't. When I told Felicity she said ignore them. Which I am doing. Or trying.

I got to school. As I walked through. Laughs appeared.

"Adopted piece of shit... No wonder your parents didn't want you" People said.

There was other things like 'Gay's are ugly' 'They don't love me' 'You face is ugly' 'You're real parents hated you at birth' and things like that. Fiona got to me and sat something.

"You know gays are the worst people to on the planet... I think that the world should kill gays, lesbians and bisexual people" Fiona said.

That's when I snapped. My eyes changed to red. Fiona didn't care.

"If you say that one more time I will hurt you" I yelled.

She said it again. I got really pissed off and smashed Fiona into the ground. Everyone backed away from me.

"Leave me and my family alone... Yes I have gay parents but I love them and they love me even if I am female and I don't give a shit about my birth parents if they didn't want me then I don't care... my parents are nice to me and treat me like their own daughter... If you ever speak bad about gays, lesbians or bisexual's again I will hunt you down and kill you" I snapped.

Once I clammed down. I ran out of the school crying. Once I saw people humans I would bite and kill them. I didn't mean to. I was mad. I licked the blood off. When I got into the park. I bumped into someone. I fell but the guy caught me before I could fall on my face.

"Sorry about that" the boy said.

He sounded fimilar.

"I am" I said voice cracking.

He stood me up straight.

"Are you alright?" The boy asked.

"Yeah thanks for catching me I am sorry" I said,.

"I'm Harry by the way" Harry said.

I looked up. It was him. Harry from Once Direction.

"Amelia" I said.

"Felicity's friend she talks about you a lot... She said you go to the vampire school" Harry said.

I got scared.

"Easy I am a vampire as well, well I am 500 years old, the boys are all 450 or 420" Harry said.

I nodded.

"Why where you crying I mean vampires cry for a reason?" Harry asked as we sat down.

"Umm this girl is school found something out and told the school and well today she said something really bad... I snapped and I killed 15 people... i didn't mean too" I cried.

Harry pulled me into his chest. I cried hard in his chest.

"Listen the vampire school can't show you how to keep your anger in control only your blood but I can" Harry said.

"I couldn't ask that... My parents would wonder where I am" I said.

"I've got it covered... Just give me your address" Harry said.

"No" I said standing up.

"Why?" Harry asked.

"They aren't vampires I was adopted my real parents left me on their doorstep when I was 2 months old... They don't even know I am a vampire" I said.

"Your hiding something" Harry said.

"I am not" I said.

After a while since Harry didn't have a car and I did. We walked to the school. Fiona ran over to me and went to attack. Harry grabbed her arm and twisted it.

"Now why are you going after Amelia?" Harry asked.

"Fiona its Harry you better tell him... You know what he can do" Mitchell said.

"Your friend is right but first answer my question" Harry said.

"She smashed me into the ground" Fiona said.

"Why because vampires would have a reason to get that angry" Harry said.

Fiona didn't say anything.

"Do not let me kill you" Harry said.

"I said something bad about her parents alright... What they are like with loving and she got mad" Fiona said.

Harry pushed Fiona away.

"When Amelia comes back here next week... You leave her alone if not you will hear from me and my friends understood" Harry snapped.

Fiona nodded. Harry and I got into my car. I started it and drove off. Harry told me about the whole him being the one vampire that can do something when he is pissed. He can kill anyone and anything he wants to. I looked scared.

"Listen I only do it if people piss or hurt my friends" Harry said.

We got to my house.

"Please don't hate me when you see what Fiona meant" I said.

"I won't" Harry said.

I sighed. I opened my door.

"Matthew and Andrew I am home" I shouted.

I chucked the keys onto the counter. I shut the door. Matthew and Andrew came running down.

"Oh god no where you two doing it?" I asked.

"Yes" Matthew and Andrew said.

I rolled my eyes and pushed them into the lounge. Harry didn't say anything.

"Matthew and Andrew this is Harry... From the band I like" I said.

"Hey mate... I'm Andrew and my husband Matthew and this is our daughter Amelia" Andrew said.

"I already met Amelia... Nice to meet you... I'm Harry... Harry Styles" Harry said.

"You know you changed our daughter's life" Matthew said.

"Matt no" I said.

"I want to hear" Harry said.

"You see Amelia became depressed 3 years ago after we told her about her real parents she didn't eat, drink or do anything and well when she found out about the new band that just came off X-factor she was happy and well she started to become happy again and we were grateful... You made her stand up for herself and things like that so thank you Harry" Matthew said.

"Wow okay I was glad we helped someone" Harry said.

"Anyway Harry wanted to ask you something" I said.

"Oh yes umm... We need a new fashion stylist for our band and I was wondering if Amelia could do it... I mean I saw her at school when I went to visit my friends sister and she was in a room making something... Would it be alright if she comes to mine and the boys 4 nights a week after school?" Harry asked.

Andrew and Matthew where shocked.

"Yeah... Wow this is" "There speechless" I giggled cutting Andrew and Matthew off.

"This is great, wonderful" Harry said.

"This is amazing so yes she can but make sure no one hurts her" Andrew said.

"I will she will be in great hands... We look after fans and our friends" Harry said.

I smiled.

"Is it alright if I take her now she'll be back at 11 tonight" Harry said.

"Sure" Matthew said.

Harry called someone. 3 minutes later a car beeped.

"Bye guys" I said.

"Bye sweetie" Matthew and Andrew said.

"Bye" Harry said.

We got into the car. It was Louis.

"Your Amelia aren't you" Louis said.

"Yeah... You Felicity's brother aren't you" I giggled.

"Yes I am Felicity told me about this new vampire Amelia and how nice she was... She also told me about you parents" Louis said.

I smiled. Louis drove off. Harry and I were talking.

"I don't care your parents are gay... I mean Louis and I got that all the time" Harry said.

I smiled.

"Well at school today Fiona said something really bad about gay's, lesbians and bisexuals and that's when I lost it" I said.

Harry nodded.




We got to there house and man it was huge. We stepped out and walked into their house. Liam, Niall and Zayn walked up.

"Guys this is Amelia the girl Felicity has been talking about" Louis said.

"The one with the gay parents" Niall said.

I nodded.

"Aww that's cute" Zayn said.

"See nothing to worry about" Harry smirked.

I looked at Harry.

"Oh guys I will be training her for a while so no bugging me or her" Harry said.

Everyone nodded. Harry and I got to his room. I sat on his bed. Harry followed. He told me things about the vampire world. I nodded.

"Harry" I said.

"Yeah" Harry said.

"Umm... Do you know my birth parents because Fiona said that they were Amanda and Leo" I said.

Harry face grew cold.

"You know don't you" I said.

"No" Harry said.

"Don't lie to me I've had it all my time along with being bullied because I am adopted" I snapped.

"Okay easy that's one thing you need to control" Harry said.

"Just please tell me who they are... I know they are vampires but you know" I said.

"Yeah you're parents were over 2000 years old... They where my mums friends and when your mum was pregnant she had to give you up... It was the only way to save you... So when you were 2 months your parents took you to the house you are living at now with you adoptive parents and left you there" Harry said.

"You said were" I said.

"They got killed 3 months ago" Harry said.

I nodded.

"Thank you for telling me" I said.

"No problem... Anyway when someone makes you mad you need to take 3 deep breaths in and out it will calm you down... Alright today when Fiona pissed you off did your eyes go red just when you got really pissed off?" Harry asked.

I nodded, "Yes why?"

"That is a sign of you blood in take going wild when that happens you need to breath" Harry said.

I nodded.

"Hang on" Harry said.

I looked at Harry. He felt my body.

"Have you eaten?" Harry asked.

"Yes" I said.

"Really" Harry said.

I sighed and stood up, "Alright fine I haven't I was so mad at Fiona I wanted to end my life so the bulling would stop." I crossed my arms. "I don't want to be bullied anymore Harry I am sick of it... With everyone treating me like bad because of my parents... That's why I've moved so much and one of the reason I became depressed" I said.

"Listen I know its hard but you have to eat... It makes you worse if you don't... I mean it trust me I am 500 years old and if I stop eating human food I go crazy... Human food sustains the amount of blood you take and when you don't eat your body craves for more blood then you need... That's what also makes you mad" Harry said.

"Is that why I drank so much blood?" I asked.

"When?" Harry asked.

"I haven't eaten for weeks Harry my parents didn't tell you today because they where to scared too... I tried to eat but I would push it away." I looked at Harry. "Why am I a loser Harry? Why I am being hurt? Why am I always the one it tears?" I asked.

Harry stood up, "One never ever call yourself a loser, two everyone gets hurt and three its because you let it get to you."

I looked at Harry, "Harry I got hurt long before any of this... I got bullied and bashed everyday at my old high school... I ended up in a coma for about 2 months because of everything that's before you guys came into my life and changed me... My parents where happy when I was."

Harry looked shocked. He walked up to me and looked me in the eyes, "If anyone puts you in a coma again I will hunt them down and kill them no one hurts my friends or family."

"I'm your friend?" I asked.

Harry nodded and kissed my forehead. We walked out of his room.

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