School Of Vampires

In London there is a school for vampires. Yes weird a vampire school. But this school teaches vampires how to control their drinking and powers.

Amelia Jane Smith is a 16 year old Vampire. Along with some other people. Her parents are both two gay guys who adopted her when she was a baby. BTW her gay parents are not vampires. They are human. When people find out they start to tease her.

When Amelia becomes angry she can't help but drink human blood. One day when she runs she bumps into a boy. Harry Styles and yes from One Direction. Harry is a 500 year old vampire. He takes Amelia in his wing and helps her control it.

When he finds out about her parents he doesn't care. He just keeps helping her. When the world becomes filled with evil vampires. Amelia has to save the people in the vampire school before it is too late. Can she do it? Join the story of a young teenage vampire in a story of Romance, Hate, Tears, Heartbreak and Friendship.


6. Klaus


Klaus appeared.

"Hello Harry" Klaus said.

"Hello Klaus" Harry said.

"You must be the famous Amelia, Fiona has told me about" Klaus.

I got scared. The boys ran in.

"Klaus" The boys said.

Klaus smiled and disappeared. Harry placed his head against my neck. The boys walked out.

"Is he after me?" I asked.

"Yes your parents put him in hell and he escpaed and wants to take it out on you" Harry said.

I gulped.

"Don't worry he isn't going to touch you" Harry said.

"You so protective I love it" I said.

Harry smiled and kissed my neck. I fell asleep on Harry.

The next day I woke up. Harry was still asleep. I could help but smile. I moved a little. Harry groaned. I smiled. I blew in Harry's ear.

"Ahh" Harry said waking up.

I tried not to laugh. Harry rubbed his ear. I bit my lip hard. Harry rasied an eyebrow.

"What?" Harry asked.

"Nothing just saw a flying lhama" I said.

Harry shook his head.

"I know you blew me in the ear" Harry said.

"I have you a blow job" I laughed.

Harry smiled.

"Your lucky I can't tickle you right now" Harry said.

The doctor walked in. 

"Well Ameia you are allowed to leave" The doctor said.

I nodded. He gave me the sheet. I signed it. I had to be in a wheelchair didn't eye. I crossed my arms.

"Hey you will hea faster than anyone" Harry whispered.

"I hate wheelchairs" I said.

Harry pushed the wheelchair. We got to his car. I stood up and walked in the car and sat down. Harry sighed and left the wheelchair there. He got into the drivers seat.

"You know you should listen to doctors" Harry smriked.

"They do get it wrong sometimes" I said.

"Yeah well right now listen to them" Harry said. 

I rolled my eyes. We got to his place. Harry stepped out. He picked me up and carried me in. He laid me down on his bed. Harry laid next to me and put his arms around me.

"Ow" I said.

"You okay?" Harry asked.

I nodded. I turned to face Harry. Harry moved my hair. I smiled so did Harry. I rested my head in his chest. Harry put his arms around me.

"What happens is Klaus gets me?" I asked.

"He will not" Harry said.

"I'm scared he will" I said.

"Your allowed to be scared" Harry said.

Harry rubbed my back. I smiled. I took a massive breath. Harry kissed the top of my head. I fell asleep.


Harry's POV

Amelia fell asleep in my chest. I smiled and kept her there. She looked so cute. Louis walked in. He made an aww face. I rolled my eyes.

"Do you want anything to eat?" Louis asked.

"No I am find at the moment" I said.

Louis nodded and walked out. 2 hours later Amelia woke up. I smiled. Amelia rubbed her eyes.

"What's the time?" Amelia asked.

"1:30pm" I said.

Amelia nodded. She sat up and streached I saw her scar.

"I still can't believe Fiona did that to you" I said.

"We can't control people Harry" Amelia said.

"I know" I said.



Sorry it's short. I am like falling asleep but I don't want to.




*No Hate



I will tell you know I won't be updating tonight... Have a party to go to. Friend's 18 and on Zayn's birthday I am happy for her. She is amazing.

Thanks again for reading. If you want me to put anything in the story you can. 

XX luv you XX

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