School Of Vampires

In London there is a school for vampires. Yes weird a vampire school. But this school teaches vampires how to control their drinking and powers.

Amelia Jane Smith is a 16 year old Vampire. Along with some other people. Her parents are both two gay guys who adopted her when she was a baby. BTW her gay parents are not vampires. They are human. When people find out they start to tease her.

When Amelia becomes angry she can't help but drink human blood. One day when she runs she bumps into a boy. Harry Styles and yes from One Direction. Harry is a 500 year old vampire. He takes Amelia in his wing and helps her control it.

When he finds out about her parents he doesn't care. He just keeps helping her. When the world becomes filled with evil vampires. Amelia has to save the people in the vampire school before it is too late. Can she do it? Join the story of a young teenage vampire in a story of Romance, Hate, Tears, Heartbreak and Friendship.


2. First Day Of Vampire School


Andrew dropped me off at the gates.

"I'll pick you up at 2:30" Andrew said.

"Okay dad bye" I said.

"Bye sweetheart" Andrew said.

I shut the door. Andrew drove away. I took a massive breath and walked into the school. I got to the office.

"Hey I am Amelia" I said.

"Ah yes here is your timetable, locker key and a map" The lady said.

"Thank you" I said grabbing the items.

I walked off.


My lessons:


Vampire History






Vampire History


Blood training

Power Training




Battle Training







Vampire History




Battle Training



Blood training

Power Training


I got to my new locker and opened it. Books where already in there. Wow. This school is organised. A girl walked up.

"You must be Amelia the new girl" The girl said.

"Yes I am" I said.

"Well I am Fiona... Hope you enjoy the school" Fiona said.

I nodded. I grabbed the books and shut my locker. When the bell rang. I had to look for the class. When I got there I was already 10 minutes late. When I walked in the teacher put down the chalk.

"Class this is Amelia... Everyone make welcome of Amelia... Please sit next to Felicity" The teacher said.

I nodded and sat next to her. I grabbed my books out.




After the boring lesson of vampire history it was recess time. I got to the cafeteria and sat on my own. My phone vibrated. I grabbed it.



Hey sweetheart hope you are enjoying today... Miss you wish you were home with us... Having fun though... After we pick we up we are going somewhere






It's a surprise


I rolled my eyes and got out of the message area.




After Recess it was Maths. Man I hated Maths. I got into lesson and sat down at the front. when everyone walked in they laughed apart from Felicity. She sat next to me.

"Hey just letting you know the others think you are a nerd because you sit at the front" Felicity said.

"I don't care... I get to sit where I want when I want" I said.

"I like that... Felicity Tomlinson" Felicity said.

"Louis brother right" I said.

"Yeah... Let me guess One Direction fan?" Felicity asked.

"Yup... I am Amelia Smith" I said.

When the teacher walked in he made Maths fun. We just played games about Maths. I love this school. 




After Maths it was PE. I learnt the Felicity and I where in the same class. We also had PE uniforms the teacher gave me mine. I changed in the girl toilets. I walked out and saw Fiona.

"Smith... You are related to Amanda Smith and Leo Smith right" Fiona said.

"I don't know what you are talking about" I said.

I walked off. Fiona pushed me into a wall. I pushed her off.

"Do not mess with me... I have been bullied through Primary school and if you ever touch me again watch out" I snapped.

Fiona looked scared. We were planning basket ball. Fiona through the ball. I flipped to miss it. Which I did. Everyone was shocked.




After PE was Lunch. I got to the cafeteria. Felicity and her sisters walked up and sat next to me. My phone rang. I looked Matthew. 


"Hello" I said.

"Hey sweetie... Umm... We are in the car park we told your principal that you had a dentist appointment can you leave?" Matthew said.

"Dad you just told the principal that I had something on so yes I can leave" I chuckled.

"I know but you know new school friends" Matthew said.

"Dad I am sure its fine" I said.

"Okay hurry you don't want anyone to find out you have gay parents" Matthew said.

"Alright I'll be there soon" I said.

"Bye sweetie" Matthew said.

"Bye" I said.


we hung up.

"I have to go... See you guys tomorrow" I said.

I grabbed my bag and walked off. I put my books in my locker and walked off. I got outside as quickly as I could. Students where walking everywhere. When I got outside. I hugged Matthew and Andrew. We got into the car and Andrew drove off.

"So how was it?" Matthew asked.

"Good I met Louis' sister" I said.

"Louis from One Direction?" Matthew asked.

"Nah the judge from X-Factor" I said laughing.

"Okay sweetie I get you" Matthew said.

I chuckled. We didn't know we were being followed. Neither did I. We got a place. Andrew put a blindfold around me and Matthew helped me out.

"Where are we?" I asked.

'Hang on sweetie" Andrew said.

Once they stopped. Andrew took my blindfold off. I opened my eyes and saw a car.

"Did you buy me a car?" I asked.

"Yes we did since you have your L's we thought you could have a car" Matthew said.

I squealed and hugged them.

"Thank you... Best parents ever" I said.

I pulled away.

"How much did it cost you?" I asked.

"Don't worry about that" Matthew said.




Once we got home. Matthew went with me since I needed an adult. We got home and walked inside. 

"Thank you again" I said.

"Hey you deserve it alright you never disappoint us and you make mistakes like us" Matthew said.

I smiled and walked up to my room. I put my bag on the floor and laid on my bed.

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