School Of Vampires

In London there is a school for vampires. Yes weird a vampire school. But this school teaches vampires how to control their drinking and powers.

Amelia Jane Smith is a 16 year old Vampire. Along with some other people. Her parents are both two gay guys who adopted her when she was a baby. BTW her gay parents are not vampires. They are human. When people find out they start to tease her.

When Amelia becomes angry she can't help but drink human blood. One day when she runs she bumps into a boy. Harry Styles and yes from One Direction. Harry is a 500 year old vampire. He takes Amelia in his wing and helps her control it.

When he finds out about her parents he doesn't care. He just keeps helping her. When the world becomes filled with evil vampires. Amelia has to save the people in the vampire school before it is too late. Can she do it? Join the story of a young teenage vampire in a story of Romance, Hate, Tears, Heartbreak and Friendship.


1. Amelia's Profile


Hey guys I am Amelia.

I am 16 years old and live in London with my two dads. Yes they are gay.

My dad's adopted me when I was a baby because my real parents left me on there door step. I was about 2 months old.

I have long brown hair and blue eyes. I am 5'7.

I'm a vampire and I haven't gone looking for me parents if they didn't want me then fine.

I got into the vampire school that's starts in March. Yay not.

I have to say I love my parents they are the best. They might be gay but they love me to bits.

I am funny, sweet, I hate when people talk bad about gays, friendly, cheerful, cheeky and random.

I am obsessed with the band One Direction I have been for about 3 years. Since they came out. OMFG I love them.

Ooh I have to go my daddy wants me. BTW my parents names are Matthew and Andrew. See how they both end in ew.  Not in a mean way. Anyway bye loves

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