Every girls dream

A teenage girl, obsessed with the worldwide phenomenon one direction, attends one of their concerts and after being whisked away to meet the boys she discovers Niall's fascination for her and she goes along a journey with him, through being bombarded by paparazzi, to seeing a side of niall noone else sees, creating a strong bond between the two.


2. The Letter

It had been over a week since the One Direction concert and I hadn't heard back from Niall yet. I thought I was thinking too much of him and myself, thinking he would actually want to see me again, but I couldn't see that beautiful, Irish celebrity I was already in love with being unfaithful to his word. The door bell rang the next minute and then my mothers voice echoed through the house, "Andrea, There's something here for you!" she yelled. I skipped off to the lounge room to find my mum sitting there with the biggest, most beautiful bouquet of flowers. My mum had the biggest grin on her face and handed me the flowers and a note that was delivered with them. "He must really fancy you then hey?" she said to me, prompting me to open the card. I smiled back and went into the privacy of my own room to read the letter. As I had much hoped, it was from Niall. It was hand written and at the moment of reading the first line, I felt something in the pit of my stomach. A feeling overcame me that I had never felt before.

"Dearest Andrea, You didn't think I wasn't going to contact you did you? How could I not? The boys insisted I wait a few days before contacting you, because that is apparently the way of the man code, but the amount of times I tried to convince them to let me pick up my pen and paper was uncountable. All this week you were on my mind and that is why I have planned the most perfect evening for the two of us on Friday. I really hope you can make it."

The letter went on, and tears built up in my eyes. Why was a boy, so gorgeous, so famous and talented talking to me like this? He signed the letter off with "I hope you like the flowers, I wanted to get you something as beautiful as you, but apparently its rare to find something so beautiful. See you on friday, Niall x" I could have swore I was about to faint, my heart had undergone to much excitement within the last few minutes and I began thinking I was having heart failure. My door creaked open and my mum smiled down at me sitting on my bed almost at the stage of tears. She instantly came over to me, wrapping her arm around me thinking something was wrong, but when I showed her the card I think tears started developing in her eyes also.

"He's lucky this boy, you know that? He may be a world wide phenomenon  but anyone would be lucky to have you in their life Andrea." Why was the whole world all of a sudden being so nice to me! I was so overwhelmed at the moment and I couldn't stop myself from smiling like crazy. The letter, the flowers, had definitely made my night and I could not wait for Friday to come around.


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